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Pluto Retrograde | Perspective Shift

April 27th @ 26 degrees in Capricorn - October 6th 24 degrees Capricorn

Pluto | The Subconscious

Pluto is a subconscious planet. Also known as the planet of death and rebirth, the ruler of Scorpio. It represents, secrets, death and rebirth, major transformation, breaking down old, power and control, and relationship to leadership. Pluto is amongst the outer most planets.

Though the influence isn’t as direct as the inner most planets, it is still important to remember that this energy will be more influential in bringing your subconscious mind to the forefront. Pluto RX is five months every year when the sun is in opposition. In your natal chart, Pluto represents the area of life where you'll face the intense powers of creation and destruction, personally. Pluto asks us to surrender to our healing so we can become who we are destined to become!

What to Expect? | The Elimination Game

This time is going to force us to reflect. Specifically on power and control issues. The fixed star alignment brings in good fortune but there is a lot of potential for it to come with stress. Read the fine print and don't be afraid to negotiate. Always ask for what you feel you are worth. If the door closes, it was never yours to begin with.

This ushers in the time for elimination. “Trimming the fat.” Now is not the time to encourage your ego. Power trips won’t end well right now. This energy can manifest on different scales on a case by case basis. Focus on nourishing what nourishes you.

OH! But there is so much more! There will be a significant increase in scandals being brought to the forefront. "What's done in the dark is coming to light now." The media is going to have a field day with this energy. Keep your cool though. Do not allow that much pressure and tension to build up. Take a media break! Yes, you too entrepreneurs & influencers! Those things can have a major role in our overall mental health. Be intentional about what you consume and what you put out. Tensions are going to be high as unresolved ego trips are going to be loud. Don't bite the bait. Respect the nature of the energy and find your peace within moving on.

Karma | Healthy Detachment & Transformation

Karmic repercussions are in full swing within this retrograde as well. The more resistance given the harder this transit will be. A focal point of Pluto's retrograde is to get you to dig deeper than the surface level of things. It is going to challenge your independent thought and whether or not you can think for yourself and rely on your intuition. There is a major fear of letting go present. The fear truly comes from not knowing... not knowing what's on the other side of the risk you've been dying to take.

Emotional attachments to the trauma turned into comfort. When you know what the results are of your 'normal', it gets intimidating to switch it up. Pluto forces us to focus on the healing process and where it needs to take place. This process of the retrograde is internalizing and will make it difficult to express personal power. The key is to embrace humility and accept we all have insecurities. No one is their final product or a perfect piece and that's the beauty in it. There is always a next level, it comes with the experience.

Transformation is inevitable during these next six months. This will bring about restoration and balance within your inner self , reflecting into your physical life. Astrologically, there are quite a few challenges that influence how your past affects your perception. If you've ever struggled with authority or the systematic structure this time will resurface those feelings.

Real World | The Media's Perspective

This Pluto retrograde is going to reveal a lot of scandal, sex schemes, drug addictions, love affairs, fraud and things of that likeliness. Tabloids, news channels, and social media is going to eat this energy up for exposure and 'ratings". Protect your energy, control what you consume. These energies will likely effect everyone, manifesting in different ways. Don't get caught up in the perspective of programming. There are three sides to every story. Use your social platforms intentionally and take frequent breaks to ground and center back into your reality. There is nothing in the world that can get in the way of you changing your perspective but you. It is setup to entice you, but like anything, too much can quickly become bad for you.

Even memes are not just memes anymore, they're a marketing strategy. In moderation it doesn't seem problematic. Until the actions become obsessive and you're disassociating your reality due to it. Stay present so its easier to detect the abuse of power when it comes to psychic realms, sex and inheritance. Don't doubt the messages your intuition offers you as insight. Pluto is going to be the catalyst for a lot of this. Prepare to be triggered as well as those around you, it's simply in the energy. Focus on what you can learn in the moment. This Capricorn energy is going to make us think twice about our level of accountability and in what ways we can improve. Honesty is valued over ego. All of this earth energy is going to challenge us a bit as their aspects are not all complementary.

Focus Forward | Hope

The optimistic side of things is that there is good fortune being ushered in as I'd mentioned previously. That of course comes with a catch in retrograde. The biggest thing to be mindful of when things that seem a little too good to be true is that it probably is. Not to say that there isn't potential, its just of upmost importance that you pay attention to all of the details and ask questions in any case something doesn't sit right with you. These dealings have the potential to be something you regret if it isn't intentional and well thought out. Make sure its based in growth and not complacency. Pluto retrograde will pull it out and make you confront it.

This retrograde will also fertilize natural gifts. Psychic abilities are bound to thrive during this time. So please listen to your internal compass. Your intuition is to guide you through ascension.

This energy is intentionally clearing out all of the weeds so that you can align with the life you desire. You have to focus forward on your hope. What is your why? Find your 'why'. Why you're trying so hard to be a better you. Ground in that so no matter how far left things may go, you remain solid. Use this time to be intentional and find more supportive habits. It's time to stop playing with your own potential!

You've got this! Don't allow what may seem overwhelming to take away your chance at making a rational observation. You are worthy and you are deserving. I am here in any case you need an emergency reading.

Til soon xx 💋

Kam O'Neal

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