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Out with the Old in with the New

Photo by Kam O'Neal

That Aries New moon was just the reboot we needed on April 11th! Aries offered us a moment of assertiveness and direction. Given the year we had in 2020, I know we are all looking forward to the breath of fresh air that comes with this lighter energy. It is so possible to use this energy as the recharge you've been needing. Let Aries inspire you to take action on 'self'. A little controlled chaos could be constructive! 😉

Post Aries New Moon Energy Update

 Deck by Spencer's
Tarot card pull for the energy update. From left to right; The Magician, Wheel of Fortune, The Sun

The time for playing it safe is over! As the residual energy of this Aries New Moon leaves us ready for a change, it also sets the tone for new cycles to begin. Death is not an end but space for ‘new’ to begin. "Energy is neither created nor destroyed" so what is, will always be. It doesn’t matter how many times something is recycled as long as the common denominator stays the same.

Don’t be afraid to turn something old into something new. It’s time for the ‘rebirth’. Fixed signs especially, be ready for this energy to move you. There’s a fire being lit within all of us to take action. Don’t allow what ‘was’ to distract you from what is to be; it is all apart of the story.

Quite a few of you have Divine Feminity in your life, that if properly nurtured can help you go even further. Remain present, however surrender control. Within your reality, it all starts and ends with you. So how are you going to move?

with the flow or against it?

Let's Dig Deeper

Aries is ruled by Mars; our planet of desires, action, aggression, sex, assertion, war, and drive! Aries nurtures impulsive action which comes with its natural pros and cons!

So, inevitably this energy leaves us wide open and courageous. Transmute what could be negative energy into balanced energy to motivate you! The goal isn’t to be love and light, rather to have awareness of the energy that flows through and around you. Given that knowledge, you can make the most out of any situation. This goes deeper and requires you to surrender to your ego. —Aries energy could be unsupportive of this if easily triggered!

Aries also encourages our creativity, tapping into that Divine Femininity will give you a break from the pressure you may be experiencing due to it's intensity. Whatever your creative escape, this time will fertilize it!

The Magician

Your creative vision is your super power. Your talents and gifts come from sources beyond you.

However, it’s up to you how they manifest. The powers that be will always be, but how you choose to use your resources is how you’ll find what you seek! All of the elements are alive within you and your reality is a reflection of just that. If you bear witness to things that disturb you, it’s time to look inside. Find the guide within you. Your thoughts are deeper than the doubt, like weeds, planted in your mind. When weeds of doubt grow rapidly, it’s your responsibility to maintain the garden of your mind! Understand that it doesn’t matter how you choose to live your life, just note that everything requires balance at bare minimum. Mistakes are only mistakes until they turn into wisdom because you’ve learned the lesson! Have faith in your intuition and compassion for your humanness!

Wheel of Fortune

Cycles are ending and it’s time to surrender.

Anything that has had to go or will have to go is to create space for a new cycle of life. Don’t count yourself out because things didn’t go as planned! The Universe has a better plan! Don’t be afraid to let go. Stay curious about life! It’ll help you stay closer to your peace by not being reactive! It’s time for the shadow to balance the light. Don’t get emotionally attached to seasonal pieces! Not everything is built for longevity. Some things are meant to just be tools of assistance! It’s okay to do what needs to be done when others won’t!

The Sun

Rising from the ashes again like a Phoenix it’s time to choose what makes you happy.

Let’s not just talk about it but also act on it! This Aries energy gives us access to the nature of fire and makes us move. The weather is changing, the sun is coming out and people are moving more. Every opportunity presented to you will be as good as you make it! You’ve grown and you’re not the same person you were even when the seasons last changed. Use this energy to your advantage and believe in yourself. Believe in what you’re capable of, it’s time to show the world. They don’t even know the half of what you’re capable of. I’m also hearing be mindful of who you socialize with, all company isn’t good company!

All in all, as Aries season comes to its close, it has welcomed very useful energy. Be brave, be bold, be courageous! Now is the time to take action on your dreams, not tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes!

My love,

Kam O'Neal xx

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