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Change is Upon Us | Scorpio Full Moon

The Full Moon in Scorpio is Monday, April 26th. This moon is going to reveal a lot to us and require just as much from us. Though this moon may be a difficult one, there is a silver lining within all of it! We can partially thank the Aries New Moon on the 11th of April. So, let's get into it!

What to Expect | Scuba Diving in the Ocean of Emotions

This full moon is going to require us to dive deep into the subconscious of our emotions. The moon influences our emotions and Scorpio influences our subconscious mind.

We will also have a strong desire for meaningful emotional exchanges during this alignment. It's time to move past shallow waters, relations. Be mindful of being reactive in any case a meaningful exchange is not what you receive. Impulsiveness is highly likely with the array of conflicting energy.The time has come to do some subconscious Spring cleaning, with that change is inevitable. Although it may be sudden, the time is warranted.

Astrology | Diamond in the Rough

The facts are that this Full Moon may be a bit rough. However, we all know without a little pressure, we wouldn't have diamonds. The sun in Taurus is opposite the moon in Scorpio. This can cause tension and impulsiveness. Emotions are completely unpredictable right now as they are at their peak.

This aspect will highlight family, home, and intimate relationships for the next two weeks. This can likely cause tension between what you want and what you need, work and home, or inner tension and outer pressure. Causing moodiness and sudden changes in different aspects. It is likely for people to be unreliable and ready to argue under this influence as well. Don't fight with your family members, it's in the energy right now.

Saturn will have an influence that is restricting due to its square to the four most inner planetary influences. (Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus) Saturn plans to give us a whole lot of trouble this year in any case things are not as they should be. Although this alignment can make things quite tricky to maneuver through, it will bring many underlying truths to the surface.

Silver Lining | The Discomfort of Growth

Growth can often be uncomfortable though it is necessary and inevitable. Bad things happen to those who see themselves in a bad situation. An opportunist sees a bad situation as an opportunity in a new direction. Allow this need for independence to fuel your curiosity. This is a beautiful time to introspect and self care rather than socialize and entertain.

Past hardships may resurface, to get you to heal during your process. There is always room for improvement. Whether that manifests as your habits, environment, or the company you keep.

Though when it is hard to emotionally connect, it's going to be even harder to empathize. Set boundaries to ensure balanced encounters. Be honest with yourself so you can stand in your truth. Even though it may be a struggle to communicate right now.

The full moon trine Mars offers us some strength and encouragement throughout though. Mars is the planet of our desires, action, energy, sex and aggression. Trine represents harmony amongst the nature of the energies.

This alignment offers courageousness and bravery through conflict or sudden changes. Use healthy coping mechanism to channel your emotions. Painting, clay making, going for a walk, writing a poem, drawing, singing, any of those things that allow you freedom from possible confining tension.

Advice | Weathering the Storm

All that said can seem a bit intimidating. I know, but everything is going to be okay. Carve out time for your self care during this full moon. If you can, use your favorite full moon ritual. Light some candles. Play your favorite tunes. Keep your gemstones near by! Gemstones for this full moon in Scorpio would be Topaz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Opal and Beryl. These can offer assistance at any point things seem to become overwhelming. You can even meditate with them for insight, use them to become grounded and help in rebalancing your chakras.

Journal when you can so you can get your thoughts out and have the ability to reflect. I would advise against making any major decisions until the emotional intensity calms down. You want to try to remain unbiased and understanding. Everyone is battling something, some cope better than others. So, try to remain grounded and empathetic as challenging as that can become.

You've got this!

Love Kindly,

Kam O'Neal 💋

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