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Green Leaves

 The Brand(s)

Kam O'Neal Productions


Kam O'Neal Productions is the mother company to Infinite Botanica and SolFlower Photography. Kam is a multitalented artist who lives to empower and share with the world, her gifts. Inclusive of both services, the client experience above all else, is the most important thing.

Built on a foundation of creativity and evolution, I'm always up for the challenge. Dreamers are the revolutionist. Envisioning a new world and being bold enough to CREATE it! A resource and an ally, I am here to serve you! Empowering you to be the best you, in every way! 

Infinite Botanica

Infinity Tarot is built on the unity of all things amongst the universe. Through gifts of and channels to the celestial, Kam is a light worker assisting in translating messages of the divine. Overstanding that we're all energy having a human experience aids in reminding us to keep a well rounded prospective. 

Kam is an intuitive empath who has always been a light along the journey of others. Tarot and energy readings have simply given her an outlet to practice regularly. The goal is to assist in healing through empowering others to recognize the power within themselves. 

Astrology, tarot, crystals, and all things metaphysical allow us the opportunity to rely on ourselves through understanding, insight, and inner healing. Allowing us to vibrate higher.


SolFlower Photography


Self reflection is one of the most important parts of a healthy life. Understanding where you are allows you to be present as well as gain insight on where you are going. Through SolFlower Photography the goal is to bring out the best in you for you to often reflect upon. You are hard enough on yourself in your day to day life, you deserve peace of mind! 

That's the target we hit every time! Whether portraits, concepts, editorials, BTS, or events we shoot for the stars in exceeding your expectations. This is your experience from start to finish.

Word of Mouth

“I am endlessly grateful for Kam and her gift. Cards or not she can help you through anything you're going through, just with a small message from the universe. She's either going to make your jaw drop, speechless, or you could be like me and cry but the positive energy and advice is so heart warming.”

Infinity Tarot

“Thank you Kam for being so sweet and supportive during my first reading!!! I was very nervous, but you made me feel at ease and also knowing everything you said is coming true makes me even sure you have an AMAZING gift!!If anyone is unsure, let me be the first to tell you it is so worth it!!”

Infinity Tarot

"I thoroughly enjoyed my photoshoot with Kam. I felt comfortable and happy with the how I was treated and felt super loved for my birthday lol"

SolFlower Photography

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