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Digestible Astrology in Seconds
 All transit videos are posted the day of the transit. Monthly overviews give brief summaries for what to expect for the month. Astro Seconds mission is to educate, enlighten and inspire. Knowing that the Universe is working with you not against you starts with knowing you.  

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Moon Clouds



7.2 Neptune Rx in Pisces

7.2 Mercury enters Leo

7.5 Cancer New Moon

7.11 Venus enters Leo

7.20 Mars enters Gemini

7.21 Capricorn Full Moon

7.22 Leo Season

7.25 Mercury enters Virgo

7.26 Chiron RX in Aries

July will be a month of getting things in order whether getting ready for vacation or to level up your life!

Stay aware of Neptune in Pisces' retrograde influence on personal discovery and emotional investment. Mercury in Leo encourages bold thinking but watch out for pride. The Cancer New Moon focuses on setting personal goals for comfort and security. Venus entering Leo highlights love and generosity, but be cautious of seeking too much attention. Mars in Gemini may bring distractions, so find an anchor during this transit.

The Full Moon in Capricorn emphasizes balancing personal and professional life and dealing with responsibilities. Leo season from July 22 to August 22 urges us to enjoy life and express ourselves boldly. Mercury in Virgo sharpens our focus on details and practicality. Chiron Rx in Aries is a time for self-reflection on authenticity and personal traits.

Astro Seconds will publish the day each transit begins.

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