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Pisces New Moon | Dreamy & Romantic

Dreamy and romantic is the theme of this New Moon. Love, sensuality, and creativity will be a mood during this new moon. A moment of sunshine and rainbows. Although the start of a new cycle can be intimidating, the past may have you scarred. Pisces helps bridge the gap and empowers us to rely on our faith and intuition.

The New Moon takes place March 13th 2021 at 9:21p.m. in Pisces at 23 degrees. The sun and moon will both be in Pisces, enhancing harmony and fun. Pisces is a water sign, so it is likely to be a bit sensitive during this moon phase. It will enhance intuition though, which will heighten those "gut feelings". Pisces rules the feet, toes, and pineal gland so take special care when you can.

How + Why This Affects You

Venus + Neptune Alignment

Venus and Neptune have both aligned during this transit. Venus is our planet of love and beauty. Neptune represents our spiritual selves, dreams, and imagination. Neptune is also

the ruler of Pisces. This planetary lineup makes us a lot more susceptible to our fantasies and daydreams. We may fantasize about love, have more compassion and be especially empathetic. This is the perfect time to start a new project or simply turn over a new leaf. This transit will encourage us to question our old beliefs, behaviors, and ways of thinking. Symbolizing the end of a cycle and beginning of another. It will be easier to have compassion for yourself during this time to take the self care up a notch this weekend. You'll thank yourself later.

New Moon + Venus Conjunction

A conjunction is a complementary transit

when two or more planets line up exact. They blend and unify well. This conjunction attracts love, harmony, peace, and beauty. Don't be surprised if you're intentionally (or unintentionally) focused on relationships, being creative, and/or finances. It is important to be realistic here though as Venus and Neptune's alignment can make it a bit hard to see through the fog surrounding these things. This transit will be a pretty sociable time, so reach out to those you feel you can trust and vent when you need to.

Things to Note

Neptune is conjunct with a fixed star, so there is potential for financial or relationship issues right now. Keep your cool though. It'll blow over relatively quickly. Set your boundaries to maintain structure and order so things don't get out of control. In light of it all there is

potential for deeper spiritual connections and more compassionate interactions. Get social! Have drinks and paint with your favorite people or hang out and play your favorite games. Live a lot this weekend because you deserve a break! Laugh a lot!

Don't over idealize things or ignore the truth of your reality. Keep yourself motivated and remember to dream big! You are more than capable just be aware of the steps it takes!

Pisces New Moon Collective Reading

Cycles are ending and the Universe is asking that you have faith. Your Angels and Spirit Guides have never left your side. When you need comfort, all you have to do is ask. Fill your heart with hope and your mind with courage. This harmony will usher you into your new cycle.

The Star

The Star is a major arcana that represents Aquarius. Some of you may be heavily influenced by the Aquarius zodiac. Regardless, now is the time to dream big and have faith. Your thoughts are your manifestations and you're the co-creator. You just never know what kinds of miracles can happen overnight. It's important to remember the why so we don't get caught in how. Think outside the box, your solution may not be "practical". Aquarius are known for the ability to find a loop hole. Guidance is around you. This new moon cycle is a fresh slate. Don't allow what didn't work to create resistance and delay manifestations.


Strength is another major arcana card that represents Leo. Leo is bold, decisive, and creative at their best. They have ambition. Generally, it means exactly what you think it means, to have strength. Find courage! In context, you're being asked to believe in your dreams. Believe in the things you have dedicated yourself to, even when it seems as though it just won't pan out. Use this moon cycle to be intentional about your goals and the steps it takes to achieve them. The Universe works in Divine Timing, not yours.


Temperance is yet another major arcana card that represents Sagittarius. Sagittarius is amongst the free spirited of the zodiac. This Temperance card speaks loudly to me because it reminds you, no matter what kind of chaos is going on outside you have the power to balance inside and move precisely. Stay focused. A Full moon is depicted in this card as well. Intuitively, I feel it's time to set intentions strong for what we wish to bring in this moon cycle. The magic is fertile and manifestations come quickly right now. Control your thoughts, co-create your reality. Call on your celestial team this new moon. Ask for the guidance you need to ensure you get the results you desire.

All in all, this energy is quite intense and intentional as every one is a major arcana in alignment with our new moon. Meaning, its undeniable, a trump card. Now is not the time to be negative or live in the past as your present awaits. Keep going, you haven't lost! Focus on things that elevate your vibration to meet your desires!

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Thank you so much for being here!!

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Until Next Time,

Kam xx


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