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Astrology Forecast | Transcendence through Evolution; Discerned through Spiritual Warfare

"Astrologers are not referring to constellations, but the sky named after them."

- Parker's Astrology, New Edition, Julia and Derek Parker

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Cancer Leo Astrology Update


What do you do when you start questioning everything in its entirety. What brings you back to center? Many people spend their life denying their shadow self, so some of their best attributes remain hidden.

We're taught how to mask things that don't appease the social construct rather than embracing what makes us all different and simply accepting that. Everything in life is relative, to include fear. The deep details that set us free are usually in the darker parts we spend too much time trying to keep hidden and denying.

For some of us, the center is astrology and/or Spirituality, acting as a natural guide that gives our most authentic self the space to evolve in belief. As we evolve as humans, it's safe to say, naturally so do our beliefs. Astrology and Spirituality are not mutally exclusive so let's not confuse them. They're both delicate on their own. Though, if you so choose, they make a harmonious union. Regardless of how you choose to find your center, knowing what you have to work with is essential. So, here's a little insight to help you make the most of what you have to work with!


As these transits manifest in your life, here are a few things to know: (outward, in)


Saturn Rx 6.4-10.23

Saturn is retrograde from June 4th through October 23, 2022. Four months in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. How this manifests in your life individually, depends on the placement of these planets in your chart.

Saturn is of the Air element. This helps us identify that this shift and new order will start in our mind. As a collective, the way the majority thinks is requiring constructive rethinking. This transit requires us to think and consider in ways we hadn't. I like to think of Saturn as a planet that challenges our growth for the better. The change will appear subtle to begin, though you can bet on a change that will be everlasting.

Manifesting within our collective, or the world, the change has begun and will continue to evolve within our political, social, and economical structures. The change has been consistent since the initial Saturn Rx in 2020. Now, is officially time to act on whats working and whats not.

Saturn is known to be a karmic planet, serving karmic debts, both good and bad as you may perceive them. Whatever lessons are in your chart to learn, Saturn encourages you to decide whether you will end a cycle or repeat it. Now is not the time to feed into fear nor let it consume you.

Cancer Season 6.21-7.22

Cancer season is a fertile time for relocation. Be mindful of the stress that comes with that too. Cancer rules the fourth house. This house symbolizes home life including ancestry, maternal figures and tradition. This house also influences what makes one feel at home, safe or at peace. However, its important not to make decisions out of fear of leaving your comfort zone.

Cancer is intuitive and empathetic. You may lean more into your gut instincts during this transit. Cancer has a very protective energy. This energy can also influence our sensitivity making us stubborn and defensive, especially to the things we care about the most. It's highly likely you'll learn new things about the people around you.

Venus enters Cancer 7.17-8.11

Venus is a planet of love and beauty. Given Cancer's attributes of being nurturing, protective and cautious. This can trigger many emotional ups and downs in love. Needless to say as a collective, we'll be more impressionable by our close friends and family. In love, we're tender, romantic and attached. This transit is nostalgic and sentimental. Spending money on home improvement and making your space more yours is highly likely during this time.

Ultimately, the simple things are what we crave, life's little pleasures. Spending time with loved ones and making them feel special will come naturally and be a highlight. This is a great time to work on estranged connections and relationships. Deep healing in love and family affairs can begin here. It's important to anchor in knowing that, the way we receive love from our family influences our love life in major ways. Visiting Grandparents and taking trips down memory lane will likely come up. Beware of how trips down memory lane can be destructive and counterproductive without discernment, though.

Mercury enters Leo 7.19-8.4

Mercury is our planet of communication and intellect. Leo is going to ensure that we communicate with confidence and think big. We are goal oriented under this influence. The details may be eluding, however, be mindful of biting off more than you can chew.

We are expressive and theatrical within our ideas and communication. We're convincing and persuasive, also easily convinced and persuaded. Don't be egotistical or arrogant though, those patterns are easy to fall into under this energy. Use this energy to take action, as taking lead and getting involved is where this energy thrives the most. Any decisions, esepcially tough ones, we'll want to be more decisive about under this influence. However, we want to work together and relate to one another. Leo is very inclusive.

Sun enters Leo 7.22-8.23

Leo SZN!!!! Sun in Leo is exactly where it loves to be. Center stage, shining bright. Leo is proud, outgoing and playful. I'm sure most of us know an intensely individual Leo. Leos are full of color and know where to find the drama. Leo encourages us to blossom and truly express ourselves. Gestures and attitudes will be grand and generous.

The ego often likes to come to play under this influence, being or bearing witness acts of vein and self-centeredness. Transmute this energy by allowing your most authentic self to create space for acceptance. Acceptance goes a long way in self love and discovery. Accepting what can and cannot be changed is a great place to start. Allow Leo's energy to help you own it!

There is a lot to make of it all, just be sure you're gentle. This energy is spiritually fertile and the possibilities are as limitless as one could imagine. These transits remind us that it's deeper than a war on mankind; while ushering in strength, courage and the love needed to withstand. If we can trust one thing about our history, it's that we prevail. So, when protecting yourself from things you cannot see, your spiritual health is the priority. Do not succumb to the fear used to control and trap you in your own mind. You always have a choice and no matter what you're told, you always have the power to choose.

Love Kindly,

Kam O'Neal

P.S. Keep scrolling for bonus content & intuitive zodiac mini messages

Intuitive Zodiac Mini Message

Aries: communication and action oriented theme; accomplishment and emotional fulfillment

Taurus: promotion and hard work paying off; pursue that creative endeavor or share the idea

Gemini: you vs. you, choosing a new beginning; confirmation and gratification

Cancer: passionate endings and fiery beginnings; discernment is key with your energy

Leo: embrace the unknown, you're valuable; recognition breeds envy

Virgo: trust yourself, ask for support when needed; you are growing; be weary of alcohol

Libra: say what you mean, reenforce boundaries; don't be impulsive, check in with yourself

Scorpio: walk before you run, divine timing not your timing; close old chapters

Sagittarius: celebrations & congratulations; put your pride aside; embrace the emotion

Capricorn: be a student, know when to walk away; believe your dreams are within reach

Aquarius: strength in feelings; a new cycle; kill the self sabotage, choose you

Pisces: emotional fulfillment, signs & synchronicities; large body of water, spiritual downloads


These tools and resources are beneficial to this transit.


The offerings below were thoroughly curated for you by Kam. Anything handmade in the Botanica can be customized for your uniqueness.


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