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Intro: The 7 Major Chakras | The "Knowing"

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This post is to EDUCATE.

However, not to overwhelm you.

I fully expect this information to make you curious! There is truly so much to know about chakras, in divine time we will have a deeper understanding of chakras... Really that "even in what we know, we really know nothing at all".


What are Chakras?

(Cakra in Sanskrit)

I am sure you have heard about the trending topic of chakras and how beneficial they are to your journey; mind, body, soul/spirit! So, let's get into what they are and why they matter!

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit and is in reference to the energetic focal points within your body. It is described as a wheel because the energy is spinning or rotating. These major energetic centers are connected to major organs, the nervous system and areas of the body that affect the emotional and physical (overall) well-being! It is said that they should stay open in order to reach enlightenment and balance.

There are 7 in which we focus on. Although, some Reiki practitioners will practice with 12. Overall there are 114 total. The major chakras are found where 21 nadis in the body containing major life- force or prana connect. 72,000 nadis each branching off into another 72,000. I've seen many different numbers in reference to how many nadis there are but nadis are another post entirely.

When all of our chakras are open and in harmonious flow, we can use the energy within ourselves uninhibited. Thus resulting in harmony that exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit. As we discuss each chakra we will also touch on the symptoms of what a balanced, excessive or deficient chakra will look, or more so feel like. Also, what you can do about it!


Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Represented by the color red, the root chakra is where most of a person's childhood emotions are trapped. The foundations and morals one chooses to live their life by. Finding balance here first sets you up for a successful journey. The Muladhara, the root chakra represents foundation.

The root chakra is the root of the kundalini energy. When this chakra lacks balance, fear of being hurt by other people in psychological and physical sense can be a side effect.The symbolism of the root chakra represents the energy of your knowledge, will, and action. Also, again the need to integrate, mind, body and spirit.

Balanced Energy:

Vitality, sense of well-being, grounded, centered, sexually affectionate, and in control of yourself.

Excessive Energy:

aggressive, domineering egotist, and sexually inhibited. This is also referred to as an overactive chakra. This is often displayed within toxic masculinity.

Deficient Energy:

lack of confidence, depression, very low will-power, reduced sense of grounding and a reduced sex drive.

Physical Associations:

Spinal and leg issues may be present when this chakra is out of balance. Emphasizing the importance of the energy within your foundation and stability.

The root chakra is associated with the earth element. In Indian philosophy the earth is made of five basic ingredients, each containing matter and consciousness. In efforts to balance this chakra , remind yourself the earth is a living element that openly gives and receives. Growing plants and gardening are exercises that assist in grounding. You can also balance this chakra through color visualization meditations. The color of this chakra being red you can imagine white light cleansing and balancing this spinning wheel! Breathing, sound, and mantra exercises are also cleansing.

Mantra: Lam

Be sure to have conscious breathing through the laaaa.... and mmmmm intones to prevent lightheadedness or dizziness. Try to do this for at least five minutes a day and gradually spend more time doing it to keep a balanced root chakra. Positive habits are the best habits!


Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

The Sacral Chakra harnesses the energy of the womb. The portal where "new life" enters through creativity, sexuality, and sensual emotions that embrace your femininity. Svadhisthana is the Sanskrit name, meaning "one's own abode". The orange color of this chakra harnesses the energy that fuels affection, pitilessness, feelings of destructiveness, delusion, and disdain. Emotional reactions displayed when unbalanced can trap you in a cycle of manifesting the lessons that need to be learned and accepted in order to unblock the energy trapped in the Sacral chakra.

The Sacral Chakra energizes the creativity, sexual energy, and joy that comes with creation. It can also be influenced by the moon due to its water element. This chakra reminds us of transformation bringing us into a higher level of consciousness. This energy also governs love/hate relationships and desires. Bringing this chakra in balance comes from the perspective that all things are parts of a whole. The Sacral governs the female reproductive organs, mammary glands, skin, kidneys, and the adrenal gland. In contrast this chakra is not as masculine as the root chakra in dealing with the security, structure, and foundation of it all. It has more supporting feminine attributes. Balancing this chakra frees you from the six passions of lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride, as well as envy.

Balanced Energy:

In touch with emotions and trusting towards others. This offers you the opportunity to grow in situations that cause you to be vulnerable.

Excessive Energy:

Over-emotional, aggressive, over-ambitious, manipulative, over-indulgent, obsessed with sex.

Deficient Energy:

Overly sensitive, timidity, resentment, distrust and guilt. This energy results in toxic relationships with self and reflections outside.

Physical Associations:

Bladder, kidney, circulation, intestines, shallow and irregular breathing, low energy, central nervous system, migraines, and trouble with reproductive organs.

The water element is essential to life; water is also associated with death, a medium for healing, and purification. Understanding our human relationship to death invokes freedom of fear. It represents spiritual development starting with the "root" - Hence the nature of the Sacral in response to the Root chakra, the Sacral is less masculine. The Sacral embraces femininity and offers a place of reflection of your spiritual awakening. In visual meditation, picture a budding lotus resting upon still waters. Reflect on the situations of your life as well as conditioning that prevents you from rising. Invoke your strength from your roots and push to the top! This allows us clarity within the reality we have co-created.

The Sacral color orange is great to use in visualization, it promotes joy and happiness. However, the only way to achieve lasting results is to acknowledge blockages and work with them. Spiritually, orange encourages us to examine our beliefs. (yes, eating oranges and drinking orange juice counts! 😉)

Mantra: Vam

Ooo (you) can be used as an alternative to Vam. Experiment with the pitch of this mantra until you feel it in your abdomen. Try to do this for at least five minutes a day and gradually spend more time doing it to keep a healthy chakra.


Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The Solar Plexus chakra has a sensually thoughtful, nurturing nature. Warm like the sun, but just as energetically destructive to self as the sun would be to the galaxy. In Divine synchronization, it is also ruled by the sun thus leading us to the color representation being yellow. Manipura is the Sanskrit name meaning, "the jewel of the navel". Symbolizing the heat and energy produced here.It is connected to the sense of sight and the element fire. That lack of motivation or the hustle 24/7 mentality also, comes from the fire here.

The color associated is related to the mind and intellect enabling you to live in your mind when unbalanced. Yellow carries rays that are stimulating as well as inspiring and loving. Stimulating the nerves and higher mentality. When this energetic center is properly maintained it provides us energy needed to endure life with joy and grace. Regulation can be done through a balanced and nutritious diet. Improper balance can make us susceptible to ill health. Conscious eating habits will promote well balanced chakras generally.

Solar Plexus is linked to the ego, emotional, and astro body. This chakra is often unbalanced, manifesting worry, anxiety, and fear. This happens through emotional turmoil and materialism. Our current social standards, when negatively consumed can promote an unnecessary amount of strain on our Solar Plexus chakra.

The Solar Plexus gives us access to others' thoughts and emotions. When the energy is under-active it can consciously or unconsciously make one become an energy vampire, drawing energy from others. Healers and psychics especially have to protect their Solar Plexus. When the world's politics have manifested the disunion and lack of love within ourselves, the entire collective feels it. The fatigue and lack of energy is no coincidence. This chakra represents spiritual ignorance, thirst, jealousy, treachery, shame, fear, disgust, delusion, and sadness.

The elemental fire associated with this chakra is part of the life force that gets us moving. This chakra, around the digestive area, provide the body with heat and energy. This is our centre of power. When balanced finding your truth amongst reality brings harmony and unity through perspective and understanding. A fire can burn down a home just as well as a fireplace can keep one warm.

Balanced Energy:

Self respect , respect for others, outgoing, cheerful, relaxed, spontaneous, and uninhibited. Physical energy is enjoyed as well as good food and emotional stimulation.

Excessive Energy:

Judgmental, workaholic, perfectionist, resentful of authority. This is often displayed through a lack of work life balance.

Deficient Energy:

Depressed, insecure, little to no confidence, fear of loneliness, and poor digestion.

Physical Associations:

Muscular stiffness, nervous tension, stomach and digestive disorders, lower back pain, diabetes, liver problems, low vitality, and fevers are all associated with an unbalanced Solar Plexus.

Fire often gives us light, produces heat, destroys, and transforms. It has the ability to transform and create space for new things in your life. Amongst your spiritual journey you walk through your own fire of purification to rid anything that may hinder your progress.

Examine your negative thoughts, old patterns based on conditioning. Also examine your physical activities, work, where you life, and consider what you would like to be different. You can visually make a list of all of these things and picture them burning or safely in a physical fire, watch the list burn.

Mantra: Ram

Ram is intoned to invoke the sun energy of this centre. Practice this mantra in 10-15 rounds regularly to clear and balance the Solar Plexus.


Heart Chakra (Anahata)

The collective love for music is no coincidence. The love for music has been known to bring cultures together. Thus because it is one of the purest forms of love, vibrating at a universal frequencies. Anahata is the Sanskrit name which means "unbeaten sound". Sound is produced in the universe by striking together two objects. Which adds depth and explains music and how it expresses the things we feel but don't understand. In light this is elevating, in darkness it can allow manipulation.

The heart chakra is the centre of balance and equilibrium. The three below the heart chakra are mainly concerned with instinctual nature and the three above are related to higher or more evolved states of consciousness. The element is air and the color is green. The 12 modes associated with the heart chakra are, lustfulness, fraudulence, indecision, repentance, hope, anxiety, longing, impartiality, arrogance, incompetence, discrimination, and defiance. The interlocked triangles of the heart chakra symbolism reminds of the "as above, so below". Reminding us of perfect balance of complementary forces. This also reminds us of our "yin and yang' energy. All of these energies become unified through the power of unconditional love. The heart chakra is where the three lower energies are transformed in the fire to free our soul to identify self with the Divine. The tree of life is often associated with the heart chakra. Symbolizing the beginning and the end, a new life, a new way of thinking. Allowing us to rise above our animal nature and embrace the joy of recognizing our truth self.

Balanced Energy:

Compassion, the desire to nurture others and growth towards unconditional love. This influences us to be outgoing, friendly, and aligns us with the tune of our feelings.

Excessive Energy:

Demanding, over-critical, possessive, moody, depressed, and a master of conditional love.

Deficient Energy:

Paranoia, indecisiveness, attachment to objects or people, fear of rejection, constant need for validation and reassurance.

Physical Associations:

High bold pressure, heart disease, lung disease, and asthma.

Air contains the essential life force or prana. Air is an element that cannot be seen but can be felt. Air allows you to find the calm in the storms center. The color green of the heart chakra symbolizes balance, harmony, and sympathy. It has the ability to balance both negative and positive energies. The color connects us to love and our ability to give and receive love. Accepting your own shortcomings allow you to accept those of others.

Mantra: Yam

Focusing on your breathes, intone the sound of Yam. Continue to inhale and exhale deeply as you experiment with the pitch that resonates with your heart chakra.


Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The deeper we get into these chakras the more it is easy to see how each of them equally and independently need balance in order to support the others. "Pour into your own cup first". Vishuddha is the Sanskrit name for the throat chakra meaning, "to purify". It is connected to our sense of hearing and the element ether. Linking it to the heart chakra through sound, connecting it to the universal oneness through the ether element. A balanced Throat chakra enables a healthy intuition. Which strengthens your faith and trust within yourself. This chakra physically allows for verbal communication.

However, when properly balanced it can also communicate telepathically as well as to channel information. The color associated with the Throat chakra is blue. This chakra is the bridge that leads to higher levels of consciousness. Here, the four lower elements are refined into their purest form before released into the ether.

Ether can be equated to this unifying field of vibration. Only alone in silence can you experience these subtle sounds. Communication with others should be truthful or it constrains the energetic flow. This chakra challenges us to balance and accept both our masculine and feminine energy. It is important to integrate opposites within ourselves. The throat chakra is also related to spoken word, creative intelligence, and registers creative purpose of the soul. The polarity of this chakra is life and death. In transcendence it is important to realize the immortal and spiritual self while remaining an individual, conscious being.

Balanced Energy:

Centered, contented, and make for a good speaker. Musically and artistically inspired and leaning towards meditation and spiritual wisdom.

Excessive Energy:

arrogance, self-righteousness, dogmatic nature, and excessive talking.

Deficient Energy:

Scared, timid, inconsistent, unreliable, devious, manipulative, and afraid of sex.

Physical Associations:

exhaustion, digestive and weight problems, thyroid problems, sore throats, neck pain, and pain in the back of the head.

The ether, is said to be the element that fills all space. Hence the importance of what you speak on your life. This enables infinite dimensions allow all possibilities of movement. These encompass both physical and spiritual movement. Blue promotes peace, inspiration, and devotion. However, indulging in the color blue too long can result in a depressive state.

Mantra: HAM (eh)

This note will be amongst the highest you've used. Experiment with this pitch until you find the one that resonates with your throat chakra.


Brow Chakra (Ajna) | Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye chakra is a huge topic of discussion for good reason, although they're all equally important. This chakra is connected to the veil. The veil being the layer of our conditioning over our own personal truth. Ajna is the Sanskrit name meaning, "to know" or "to command". This chakra governs the intuition and transmits it to lower chakras and the mind.

It is the medium between higher consciousness and ego as well as the higher brain faculties and instinctive brain functions. The element, like the throat chakra, is ether. The color is indigo. Indigo allows us the space and tranquility needed to look at our shortcomings. It speaks devotion, dignity, and unconditional love. It's too responsible for the ability to hear the voice of our own intuition and extraordinary vision. It is a powerful painkiller, often used to ease muscle tension and strains. Though if not properly balanced, can cause tension as well. It aids in purifying the bloodstream and the psychic currents of the aura. It can aid in insomnia and help stop nosebleeds. This chakra is connected to the mind, confirming previous statements in context. Balancing the lower chakras is important when working with the Brow chakra, lack of conscious control can result in various disorientation, as it induces a state of expanded consciousness. This chakra is related to the brain, eyes, ears, nose, nervous system and pituitary gland. Yoga and meditation are great practices to center this chakra in unison and harmony amongst the lower chakras. Visualizing the color indigo can develop self awareness and inner knowledge.

Balanced Energy:

unattached to material possessions, no fear of death, not preoccupied with fame, fortune, or worldly goods. Psychic power opens to give us gifts of telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and access to past lives.

Excessive Energy:

proud, religiously dogmatic, manipulative, and an egomaniac.

Deficient Energy:

over-sensitive to the feelings of others, non-assertive, and unable to distinguish between ego self and higher self.

Physical Associations:

Headaches, eye problems, sinus problems, catarrh, hay fever, sleeplessness, migraine and hormonal imbalances.

Through manipulation of breath, ancient science of panic body rhythms, you can become aware of the breath as the medium of the cosmic life force. This is has manifested as proficient artist in yoga. However, alternate nostril breathing methods are an easy way to help activate this chakra through breath work. The depth in which we could go about all of this is quite far. In THE FUTURE, this will have a link to that depth!

Mantra: Om

This mantra practiced regularly can offer great serenity. The vibration's phonetic spelling represents creation, preservation, and dissolution.


Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

The Crown chakra is just that. You've earned your crown! Although, initially this can seem hard to achieve, consistency is key. Sahasrara is the Sanskrit name for the Crown chakra meaning, "a thousandfold". From this context, we can take that it is different from the other chakras in constitution and effect.

When the kundalini reaches this level, it is said to be beyond human awareness, Divine. As the kundalini rises through each of your balanced chakras, you have unlocked access to the energy of 7 major chakras. The color representation of this chakra is violet. In most cases it is advised to work with a teacher when working with this energy as it is extremely powerful. This chakra governs the nervous system and the brain and is linked with the pineal gland, the body's internal clock. When this chakra opens we become more drawn to our mystic sense of awareness, hence "The Awakening". Spirituality is expressed through different individual experience. You reach a state of bliss. Violet is a very royal color, in the sense of materalism, because it is expensive to produce. However in its essence, it is royal because it contains every aspect of the color spectrum within it at least, colors the human eye can see since it's the narrowest wavelength in the spectrum.

Balanced Energy:

Open to Divine energy and have total access to the unconscious and subconscious mind.

Excessive Energy:

Frustration and frequent migraines.

Deficient Energy:

indecision and lack of the physical spark of joy.

Physical Associations:

migraines and psychological challenges.

Violet is associated with the Crown chakra and has the ability to enhance one's spirituality. Visualizing this color with amethyst can help us love and respect ourselves as well as give ourselves the inspiration to pursue a spiritual path! The crown chakra is strongly associated with crystal amethyst and its deep tones of violet. It radiates energy that is soothing, enlightening, uplifting, as well as calming. Meditation with amethyst to activate the crown chakra is suggested. A heightened sense of awareness enables us to manifest and work with all forms of energy.

Mantra: OM-AUM

The universal sound. You should feel this frequency throughout your head and upper body. So, experiment with the pitch until it resonates.

In conclusion, the objective is to align and balance all of your chakra points thus allowing energy to harmoniously flow, allowing you to be uninhibited! This is not to say the importance of the human experience fades, it instead challenges us to find balance to ultimately find heaven and peace on earth. Your perspective is your reality, all controlled by your state of mind and the energy it consumes!


- Kam 🎁🌻


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