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Expanding Passions and Restoring Dreams: September Astrology Forecast

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


September is an exciting month of growth and rejuvenation. Get ready for some lively and passionate moments as Venus moves direct in Leo, adding a spark to our partnerships and interests. As the retrograde comes to an end, we'll gain valuable insights into how our upbringing has shaped our relationships.

But that's not all! Brace yourself for a change of pace as Venus enters Virgo. And with Jupiter turning retrograde in Taurus, it's the perfect time to reassess our goals and dreams. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, so let's not rush the process.

The Virgo New Moon invites us to plan new ideas with patience and attention to detail. And when Mercury turns direct in Virgo, clarity will improve in practical matters. It's time to get organized and make things happen!

As we enter Libra season with the Fall Equinox, our desire for "luxury" will be ignited. And just when we need it most, the Full Moon in Aries will reignite our passion, action, and creativity. It's the perfect motivation to go after what we want.

And finally, on September 29th, Mercury exits its post-shadow period, bringing positive shifts and relieving any tensions or lingering memories that may have been playing on repeat in our minds.

Get ready for an exciting and transformative month ahead!

September 3, 2023: Venus Direct in Leo ♌️

Venus finally turns direct in Leo, bringing a surge of liveliness and passion to our partnerships and interests. As the retrograde comes to an end, we have the opportunity to gain clarity on how our upbringing has influenced our relationships. The shadow period may still bring up lingering issues from the past. However, as Venus moves into Virgo on the 8th, we can expect a refreshing change of pace. This energy encourages us to "experiment" in love and explore what truly resonates with us. It's important not to overly commit to anything discovered during this time, but rather enjoy the present moment. Embrace playfulness and avoid taking life too seriously. By examining Venus in our natal chart, we can delve deeper into the personal impact of this transit.

September 4, 2023: Jupiter Turns Retrograde in Taurus ♉️

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and intellect, begins its retrograde journey in Taurus today, which will last until December 30th. This retrograde period offers us the chance to reevaluate our goals and dreams. As we undergo personal growth and transformation, our perspective on life will naturally shift. It is crucial to take this time for reflection and consider how our current reality aligns with our desires. Taurus, known for its slow and thorough nature, reminds us not to rush the process. Embracing our spiritual practices can provide strength during moments of vulnerability. Trusting our intuition becomes key, as unexpected events may arise, potentially impacting long-distance travel plans. The specific area of our lives affected by this retrograde will depend on Jupiter's position in our natal chart. For more information, refer to the caption.

September 14, 2023: Virgo New Moon🌑♍️

Happy New Moon in Virgo! This powerful lunar event occurs at 21 degrees and 59 minutes of Virgo. Jupiter and Uranus bring harmony during this New Moon, but Neptune may introduce some friction in the subconscious. It's a time to get to work with optimism, although we must be mindful not to rush due to Mercury's retrograde in Virgo. Our focus will be on routines that support our health and well-being. New Moons symbolize new beginnings, so pay attention to the details and allow the energy to settle as plans fully develop.

Utilize this energy to plan your new ideas with patience. By recommitting to our goals, we gain a healthy boost of confidence. Taking pride in the little things can also contribute to our overall sense of fulfillment. If you're feeling ungrounded, consider revisiting a pastime you once enjoyed, such as reading a book or going for a walk. The personal impact of this New Moon depends on where Virgo sits in your natal chart.

September 15, 2023: Mercury Stations Direct in Virgo ♍️

Mercury stations direct at 8 degrees Virgo on September 15th, marking a significant shift in cosmic energy. While the station days can be volatile, we can gradually return to our usual communication and plans. Clarity improves, particularly in practical matters. However, it is crucial to be mindful of our words as we focus on dissecting the details during this station. Take this opportunity to carefully analyze and assess our next steps.

September 23, 2023: Fall Equinox & Libra Season ♎️

Happy Solar Return, Libra! From September 23rd until October 23rd, the sun graces us with its presence in Libra.

Libra, the conductor of relationships, invites us on a journey of self-discovery through our connections. It teaches us the art of compromise, negotiation, and meeting halfway, elevating our interactions. During Libra season, we place emphasis on finding balance in our relationships and expressing our creativity.

However, life with Libra is not always perfectly balanced. Decision-making becomes an intellectual dance as Libra carefully weighs all sides of a situation, seeking equilibrium. Libra seeks serenity and navigates diplomacy to avoid upsetting others. Tactfulness, style, tolerance, and sociability color Libra's thinking.

Behind Libra's charming exterior lies a hidden world of self-interest, uncertainty, indirectness, and shallowness. While superficial harmony is their aim, they often neglect to delve into deeper depths.

The Sun's embrace of Libra inspires sociability and fairness. We treat others with respect, radiating warmth and politeness in our connections. By embracing equality, we unlock rewards and pave our path to intellectual prosperity.

With a thirst for justice and a desire for equilibrium, we uplift each other and create harmony. Our awareness of rights strengthens us, empowering partnerships. This season highlights areas such as mediation, counseling, public relations, partnering, and law. Libra's gift lies in uncovering common ground and fostering unity beyond intellect.

September 29, 2023: Full Moon in Aries ♈️

The Full Moon in Aries ignites a captivating relationship tango between the "self" and the "other." Aries confidently takes the lead, while Libra gracefully follows, skillfully navigating the art of compromise.

Under the enchanting influence of the Libra Sun, we come to appreciate the intellectual intricacies of relationships—the delicate dance of give and take, the finesse of negotiations, and the harmonious balance between our own desires and the needs of others. Meanwhile, the Aries Moon ignites our inner fire, urging us to boldly step forward and embrace personal courage (with a touch of mischief).

This Full Moon serves as a catalyst for finding the perfect harmony between fulfilling our own needs and tending to the desires of our loved ones. It's like finding that sweet spot on the dance floor where we can twirl independently yet still be in sync with our partner.

While the Libra Sun promotes diplomacy, equality, and fairness in our interactions, let's not forget that the Aries Moon values authenticity over sugar-coated words and thrives on independent endeavors (with a dash of rebellious charm). The Full Moon shines a light on this delightful conflict, inviting us to navigate the intricate steps of expressing ourselves honestly while considering the impact on those around us (and perhaps throwing in a witty remark or two).

Finding a balance between our own intelligence and the perspectives of others is crucial in the Aries-Libra spectrum. Let's aim for relationships that are both intellectually stimulating and relatable, where we value and respect ourselves and others. And let's add a touch of humor to keep the dance going smoothly.

September 29, 2023: Mercury Exits Post Shadow ♍️

Exciting news! Today, Mercury stations, marking a significant shift in cosmic energy. After today, we can expect a noticeable reduction in tension and suspense surrounding Mercury's influence on various aspects of our lives, such as technology, communication, and transportation. In the aftermath of the retrograde, we now reap the empowering and enlightening results. Our heightened attention to detail has positively influenced the ease with which we navigate our day-to-day lives.

As Mercury continues its journey through the practical and analytical sign of Virgo, we find ourselves in a favorable position to carefully assess and analyze our next steps. This period allows us to take a step back, think things through, and gain clarity and confidence.

Imagine solving a puzzle with the help of a magnifying glass. That's the influence of Virgo—examining the pieces closely to make informed decisions. It's like having a clear roadmap guiding us towards our goals.

Think of it as a time for reflection and planning. We're taking the opportunity to evaluate our options, consider different perspectives, and make thoughtful choices. By embracing the energy of Virgo, we can approach challenges with a rational mindset and navigate life's complexities more effectively.

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Want to delve deeper? Work with me and check out my personal transit reading offering. Whether you have a specific or general concern, we can explore the cosmos together to find clarity.

Thank you so much for being here! Until next time, xoxo

Kindly & Divinely,

Kam O'Neal

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