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What to Expect | Astro Forecast: February 2023

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

February will be a month of expansion, emotional growth and intelligence, as well as strengthening our relationship to our intuition. This month we don't want to neglect what makes us unique and our beliefs that shape us. Our reality is perceptive and you may just find a new one. Resisting to the natural flow of this energy will cause unnecessary challenges. Gain insight on how to make this energy work for you, so you don't have to work for it.

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February 4 | Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 0'00° Applying

This aspect promotes growth no matter how uncomfortable. It's likely this energy influences us to be more selfish and calculated about how we share our energy. Though, it's still easy to overexert ourselves, especially mentally, so finding a suitable steady pace is highly advised. We want to share what we know and learn from others. We are not easily persuaded but we are in the spirit to challenge tradition and act on new ideas that are supportive to the present. We are more likely to believe in our potential and we want to encourage others to do the same. We want to be progressive but it's challenged by our comfort zone. This aspect encourages us to apply what we have learned through life lessons and adapt to today. A challenge to our relationship with community will lead to new discoveries of how to connect on a deeper level. Though there may be confusion towards the roots of what really matters and why. We will likely find ourselves called to let go of habits we may have clung too. Don't be afraid to do so.

"Break downs lead to breakthroughs."

February 5 | Full Moon in Leo

Our energy and emotions are optimistically enthusiastic. Though, if unbalanced could manifest as temperament and stubbornness. We're sensual and passionate in romance. We want to charm our love interest while simultaneously uplifting them. As we don't want to waste our energy. Things we've been working hard at this Moon Cycle should yield fruitful results or give us clear indication of redirection.

We are eager to express our ideas to those who will listen. We are interested in social progression but, self interest may challenge the thought. We want to be supportive, though there maybe tension in determining what difference we can make as individuals. It's important to know when to speak and when to listen under this energy's influence. Sometimes, we can get ahead of ourselves and speak ignorantly.

We're more inclined to be spiritual and philosophical. As new things are revealed, sit with them and meditate on them before reacting. Somethings are revealed to you for you, not for you to do anything.

Full Moons represent releasing, letting go, and for some it's a celebration of completion. This emotional energy is naturally more intense. However, because the moon is in a Fire sign, expect great passion behind any emotion you feel. Social interactions with strangers can either be completely pleasant or abruptly rude. The Full Moon really allows us access to our subconscious mind and unveils things previously we may have ignored. Things are done a lot more instinctive during the Full Moon. Now is not the time to suppress what you feel. Allow the Sun in Aquarius to offer healthy detachment to your emotions so you can observe them. Things at this time are more reflective than they are personal.

February 11 | Mercury enters Aquarius 0'00° Applying

Mercury is our planet of communication, intellect, memory and transportation. Aquarius is quite the intellect so the energy is supportive here. Though, it's easy to just go ghost mid conversation unless the conversation is enticing. Sometimes, we will find ourselves talking just to talk. That's not to discredit that there is a point somewhere amidst it all. Mercury in Aquarius is your prime example of one conversation leading to another.

We want to discuss and engage in topics that are intuitively and intellectually challenging. Leave it to Aquarius sometimes, it is just that deep. Organization is definitely not a strong suit here so in business pursuits keep it as precise as possible.

We are interested in learning things our own way. This highlights different learning styles. Its okay to honor that. We're eager to make a move physically though, we should be sure to genuinely think it through. Intuitive ideas should be acknowledged and documented as it'll come in handy later. We are also competitive and determined in this energy which could result in making us moody or irritable. Mercury rules Gemini and that influence will be an undertone.

February 16 | Sun in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

When challenges arise in business or career, they're relatively easy to overcome. Problem solving is likely to become more intuitive and instinctive. There's no need for external validation as this energy wants us to focus on our individuality to achieve desired results.

We may find ourselves struggling between independence and community, especially emotionally. Don't be pushy in love, also be willing to give what you require. Out of the box thinking is highly likely. A new route to work? Don't mind if I do! Oh! A new job, that too! Whether you crave it or it's simply time, the structure will be refined.

"There's no need for external validation as this energy wants us to focus on our individuality to achieve desired results"

February 18 | Sun enters Pisces

The Sun naturally exalts the zodiac sign it is moving through. No matter your placements, Pisces is bound to move you. Pisces is influenced by Jupiter and Neptune. This influences us to really honor where we come from while being aware of social evolution. Pisces as a quite emotional water sign has a natural ethereal and spiritual undertone. So, it won't be too hard to connect to the mystical, magical or unseen this season.

Pisces is passionate, intuitive, creative, and imaginative at its best. And like water, they often keep both past and present tethered. We can easily become overwhelmed and overstimulated. Grounding is absolutely necessary. Our emotions have a lot to teach us if we are willing to be observant rather than feeling emotionally attacked. Our most authentic self is usually hidden within our shadows.

For Earth and Air signs this really challenges you to observe the lessons of your emotions rather than ignoring them all together.

We are tender and affectionate in love. We are more sensitive to the needs of our partner and willing to take initiative in brightening their day. When the sun moves into Pisces the moon is in Aquarius. Use this energy to set the tone and intention for Pisces season. Manifestations will come about a bit easier, as we won't be vey resistant to endless possibilities.

Pisces teaches us that our emotions are keen to our senses; with emotion you can sense what you can't see. No matter your faith, Pisces season will encourage your connection to it.

February 20 | New Moon in Pisces

Happy New Moon in Pisces. This is a beautiful yet emotional transit. There is so much beauty to discover in the flow of emotion and intuition. This influences the connection of the two. We are sensitive yet perceptive here. This New Moon in Pisces makes it instinctive to empathize with those around us. Though, negatively, our judgement could be clouded as to why certain things had to end. This is where discernment is beneficial so that empathy and emotional immaturity don't disregard boundaries.

New Moons represent beginnings and finding clarity. We're likely to find clarity in our faith and passionate pursuits. We are generous and intuitive towards the needs of those we love. Though, be sure generosity doesn't turn into self sacrifice. As we adjust to such sensitive energy, its important not to take things personal. We may find that it is easier to become defensive, passive aggressive and argumentative in this energy.

During this time, setting new goals and revising old ones will allow the moon cycle to support what you wish to bring to fruition. This moon will help us unveil things unseen socially. You'll notice a lot less space between social and economic statues. What took priority in physical matters, may be refocused on rituals and traditions that empower us.

We aren't looking for recognition, we crave connection.

February 20 | Venus enters Aries

Venus in Aries is hot and shameless in pursuit of what we desire. We are passionate and not afraid to do what needs to be done whether financially, romantically or physically. Venus governs our finances, material possessions, personal taste, adoration and pleasure. Aries is confident direct and ready to make the first move.

Aries has little patience so be mindful of how impulsive or hasty we may become. Venus in Aries is daring and adventurous. This will undoubtedly turn of the intensity in the bedroom. Our intimate relationships will be a priority for us in this energy as we want to admire our love. Natural chemistry will intensify. This is great for relationships that need rekindling or are ready to take things to the next level.

Though, in this transit, the challenge is being mindful of being shallow or judgmental when something or someone is not up to your standards. Also, note its okay not always get what we want as sometimes our desires are short lived anyway. Observe the endless cycle of desiring, acquiring and repeat. This could negatively impact finances if spending habits become impulsive.

We want to charge our passions head on, though transmuting this energy into productivity and creativity will be greatly beneficial. Business pursuits benefit from using this energy to establish long term connections. Socially, we're eager to showcase what we know and we're attracted to sensuality and admiration. We operate with a lot less shame and will likely become more vulnerable from an objective standpoint.


February will be a month of alignment and intuitive growth. Your desires are already yours, waiting for you to align. Astrology is a resource to help us make the most out of the energy we're in. All the tools and resources to become your best self are hidden inside of you. Often, it starts with our perspective and exploring the things we believe in. I hope this month offers you everything you need to prosper. I hope that when self doubt and fear arise, you can face them in your knowing and acceptance of yourself. Thank you so much for joining me once again.

Kindly until soon,

Kam O'Neal

If you're interested in learning more about your unique natal chart or gain insight and clarity about you, I'd be more than happy to offer my guidance!

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