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Spiritual Awakening: What does it all mean?

Updated: Jun 3

Open mindedness is essential to digest the perspective in this article. You control what you believe in. This is not directly linked to any one religion. Take what resonates, feel free to leave what doesn't.

Exercise: In your own words, what does spiritual awakening mean to you? Name three things you’ve learned on your journey thus far.


E x p a n s i o n

“The awakening is a journey. Your unique perspective makes up and controls the detail. How you choose to interpret your truth is still within your freewill. Awakening is like the moon. There are many phases, some full and some new but they're all valid. ”

What does it mean to be spiritual??”

Curiosity & W o n d e r

The awakening is usually sparked by a question that leads you to a rabbit hole of information or a traumatic experience. Typically, your awakening will happen in a way that you receive it the best. Some of us aren’t as receptive as others.

These things are usually followed by a series of emotions. You’ll learn to identify emotions that you weren't even aware were on the spectrum. You’ll relate more to water than you ever have or imagined you could. Facing the phases and going with the flow is the best advice when stepping on the awakening journey.

Self discovery will not be a straight line. Sometimes, it seems like you’re taking three steps forward just to take ten steps back. However, it’s all a part of the plan. You’ll always end up where you’re supposed to be. The objective is self mastery.

Exploration & I n d u l g e n c e

Detaching from the things that once came natural is normal. At first, it can seem strange. It’s easy to feel lost when the things we once identified with no longer identify us. As you make new habits and rediscover parts of yourself, you’ll be led to knowledge that can aid you on your journey. Discernment and trust in your intuition will make this process a lot easier.

People you used to relate to may not be relatable anymore. Your social circle may change or you can become isolated entirely depending on what's required to be most beneficial to you. The entire journey is for your benefit. You are always at the center. You’ll be misunderstood and find yourself over explaining in ways only social standards have conditioned you to.

If you don’t understand anything else, be sure to understand that everyone becomes enlightened in their own way. Their journey may not look like yours. This includes those who find their enlightenment in different religions. Just because someone doesn't believe what you believe, does not make one wrong or right. That's what that particular person needed to get where they’re going. No one should ever be judged for that. Quite frankly, it’s not up to public opinion to determine what someone believes in.

As you explore and familiarize yourself with your resources, a few of your new interests may start to become a part of how you identify. You’ll become fascinated with things that resonate with you naturally through your evolution. A few years in, you’ll learn that the entire experience is about the journey. This is when you can tell you’re well on your way to acceptance. Though, acceptance alone is a continuous practice. There’s no “middle and end”. As you evolve, you will find yourself having to practice acceptance often.

Application & E l e v a t i o n

In order to create new habits, you must practice. There's no shortcut to your growth. It’s hard but honest work. Practicing healthy habits allows you to train your mind to do something new. Humans are habitual by nature. So, in order to rewire it, it takes consistency and intentional effort. Practice.

The results naturally yield elevation. When you are standing in a light that is completely your own, you feel more in control of the things you can control. Results nearly always lead to reward. The laws of the Universe support you getting back what you put out. Also known as karma. Karma is often negatively associated but it's actually for our benefit. Karma dishes out lessons and rewards like a teacher. It reminds us that balance is essential. The more you pour into being a better human the more you’ll get out. This is no lottery machine. The results won't be instant but they’ll be sustainable.

Naturally, the results pour into ascension. Ascension is when we evolve spiritually. When you learn the lesson the reward often comes with more responsibility. That's when your gifts become more sensitive and they will no longer tolerate being overlooked. Ascension has its symptoms so have grace. It can be easier to become over-stimulated when you’re ascending. You can become susceptible to headaches, anxiety, and depression. Like the moon, it’s only a phase.

I have found that overtime, ascension has made me more and more grateful for life’s simple pleasures as if I’ve become brand new. My mindset and the way I see things changes. Typically, not far left though because I exercise my intuition often.

C o n c l u s i o n

All in all, your spiritual awakening is just that. Yours. It’s not for anyone to dictate. Only you know what works best for you. If it doesn't resonate you don't have to give it your energy. However, no matter how alone you may feel, know you’re not alone. There’s an entire collective that has gone through or is going through what you experience. Once you learn your personal ascension symptoms, ground. Don't be afraid to take a moment out of a busy day just to breathe. Breathing is life, literally. Sometimes you just need a few deep breaths and to remind yourself you’re okay. This is outside of even ascension or a spiritual awakening. It’s absolutely essential to ground and center yourself regularly. Whatever brings you back to center, make it a healthy practice. Your growth is in your hands. You are the magician, the alchemist.

“What is a spiritual awakening?”

Spiritual awakening is transcending your ego from the mundane. Understanding you are a soul with a human body not a human body with a soul.

Thank you for being here. Until next time!


Kam O'Neal

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