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What to Expect | Astro Forecast: March 2023

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

March is full of vibrant energy as we get to experience the annual Spring Equinox on March 20th around 5:24pm est. It's finally time to show up as the person you've been working hard on. If you've been doing the work to turn pain into power, this season will support everything you're becoming. Healing isn't linear, some progress is better than no progress. Nothing beats a failure but a try.


March 1 - Venus Quintile Pluto - in approach to Jupiter

This energy is a great way to start off the month and establish a positive intention. This aspect and transit boosts our connections and expands our feelings personally and socially. This is great for starting the month off right in business. If you have some favors to cash in, now is a great time to do it. We're in the moment, more generous than usual.

We are friendly, hopeful and optimistic when Venus and Jupiter align. We're willing to give more because we expect more. Challenges can be faced with a broader perspective and willingness to understand. Romance and business go well today.

March 2 - Mercury enters Pisces

We're tuned into our senses both emotional and physical. We are listening to help in conversation, especially with our loved ones. We may need a little extra reassurance here and there, it's okay to communicate that. As Mercury initially enters Pisces, the Sun squares Mars making it easy to overcommit before considering the energy required. Knowing when to ask for help will in the end and overall get you the desired results without exhausting you. Know when to call on your support system, even if just to get out of your head. Being capable isn't the question, its usually, "where will I get the time?" Focus on practical ways to obtain sustainable results. Ask yourself tough questions and be willing to give yourself the raw truth. We're more motivated to explore and expand in our spiritual knowledge. We're curious about why the people close to us operate the way they do. Unfulfilled curiosities will feed your wonderer. Emotional reactions will challenge those who have been compartmentalizing. It's okay to break it down to a moment when taking it a day at a time is too much. Problem solving will come naturally with a clear mind. So, breathe and take breaks intentionally. Mercury governs a lot of our mental activity and leading thoughts that turn into ideas. Pisces wants to feel, sense, and receive. There can be a beautiful balance of both where there is a consistent flow of taking creative ideas and turning them into tangible plans. As Mercury is associated with Gemini and Virgo, it is possible to use this energy in a way that allows your imagination to bleed into all of the things you're afraid to consider and really set yourself apart. This could be business, personal, romance, whatever. This energy can be utilized to be just the creative inspiration need for Mercury to progress into Aries.

Mercury signs that may be challenged: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mercury signs that may find opportunity: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

March 7 - Virgo Full Moon

If you've been searching for clarity, this Full Moon should provide some. Especially amongst matters of the rituals/routines and personal health. At our best, we want to get things in order and create healthy habits. Pisces season will not allow this to be as black and white or practical as Virgo might hope. Though, this will likely be the inspiration needed to prep for Spring Equinox.

As mentioned above, Pisces season will challenge us to balance practical and spiritual. If there isn't a balance it'll become stressed here. Logic and emotion can create tension when in discord. We'll find our creative expression will be sharp as the Sun conjunct Mercury in Pisces. Our imagination is linked to our emotions and intuition. Pisces gives us the opportunity to explore more spiritual beliefs as well as practices. Virgo Full Moon encourages us to be as practical as possible, though when shown something new within reason Piscean energy might just be what they need to move through their comfort zone into trying something new.

The internal conflict that may arise, is to get your attention on the things that are out of balance. The challenge is to not only consider different perspectives, but also how to apply them as well. The energy is intellectual making it easy to find creative solutions to low risk changes and realistic planning to reach obtainable goals. It's likely to be easier to achieve a comfortable balance between emotional independence and freedom in our personal lives. Bossy tendencies are likely if the proper time to process emotions isn't granted. Taking time alone will be healthy and likely beneficial in terms of learning new things about you and the direction you wish to take in life. This moon won't allow room for us to be negligent of our practical needs.

March 7 - Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces will shake us up internally as Saturn is our authoritative and strict planet. Pisces is more of a daydreamer but once we overcome the initial challenges, the balance can offer a very imaginative and creative structure. This will bring to the surface any negative habits tied to making the problems of other's yours, especially with Saturn in the 8th house. When someone close to you has an issue, it can quickly seem like your responsibility to find a solution. Not everyone's problem is your problem. Prioritize personal healing.

We are motivated to find financial freedom as we feel more deserving of nice things. Though, this can make us susceptible to "get rich quick schemes" and seemingly harmless scammer pursuits. Our intent is to be mindful of our finances but it's okay to get yourself something nice too! Saturn will be stern in its approach to structure and we'll likely find ourselves mentally balancing our comfort zone and exploration. As a business owner, be sure to have those finances in order for any "surprise" bills or expenses. Stay grounded in your reality but allow yourself time to daydream and wonder. Taking life too seriously would only create unnecessary stress. As frustrations may arise in personal goals, taking a break and returning in fresh energy would be advised.

Transitioning through the 8th house, this will influence the need for connection and depth sexually. Though, we're uncomfortable in situations that make us feel too vulnerable or out of control. So, we aren't boastful but diligent at best in work.

March 12 - Jupiter conjunction Chiron in Aries

This might just be that boost of energy you needed to help end cycles or behavioral patterns that may have been hard to overcome. You may find a subtle pull between self confidence and self doubt but Jupiter can help balance out the past pain of rejection and Chiron can aid in transmuting it into wisdom. Though the negative aspect of this is can be the need to overcompensate. This aspect will come with healthy challenges and for some, new beginnings. These new beginnings feel internal but for some of you this will manifest spiritually and physically. We'll be able to overcome with more optimism.

We prefer the independence of our own thoughts and beliefs, some may find it confrontational. There is a Pisces signature to this aspect signifying a strong intuitive influence.

March 16 - Venus enters Taurus

Venus is entering Taurus in the 6th house which is directly related to our health, wellbeing and day to day routines. This transit exemplifies the phrase, "romanticize life", as Venus is at home in Taurus. We take our possessions seriously and have little desire to be wasteful. Far from frugal though, this energy is reasonably generous. We're artistic, creative and sensually attune.

There may be emotional tension/conflict as Venus squares the Moon. As long as egos are in check, communicating to understand should come easily if we're willing to accept our differences in beliefs and opinions. As Venus squares with Pluto, it'll likely fuel friction, especially in petty arguments.

Peers and co-workers should be easy to get along with though if no personal connections are involved. Being "too friendly" can cause drama or misunderstanding with opposition to Scorpio Asc. This could manifest as deception or envy. There's can underlying tone of Divine Feminine both at its best and worse, and toxic femininity will be revealed. If you're in business with a personal partner, thorough communication is necessary so personal tensions don't overshadow business opportunities.

March 19 - Mercury enters Aries

*Your honest friend has entered the chat* We're in a hurry only to keep up with our constant need to fulfill our desires and keep up with our rapid thought. In this energy mental overstimulation is easy and its important to be intentional about relaxing or you may become restless. We're enthusiastic in communication and fruitful ideas are plenty. Aries impatience may make it tempting to rush the natural order of things but it's important to trust the process. The more mentally stimulated we are, the easier focusing will be. Otherwise, it may be very easy to get distracted in this energy. Be wary of social media bickering and trolling, especially now.

March 20 - Happy Aries Season/Sun in Aries | Spring (Vernal) Equinox | Astro New Year

We're spontaneous, eager and adventurous in pursuit of our desires. We're impulsive and ready to take initiative. It's easier to bounce back, especially from rejection. We're simple to satisfy and more direct about our needs. Consequently, this can make it easy forget to plan ahead.

We're eager for action with little patience. If we're not careful, we could make unnecessary mistakes by rushing into an impulse or idea. Self expression will become more important as we transition through Aries season and it'll inspire a new creative approach. We'll learn how use our self confidence to know when to go after opportunities. Networking will be a breeze as we are looking to collaborate and expand our resources in this new energy. Aries helps us feel alive and bold!

Mutable and fixed signs will likely feel wounds/trauma from Divine Feminine resurface or become triggered by things that might have become habitually overlooked. This will inspire us to analyze our habits and traits as those conditioned and those we chose. We're taking physical action, likely starting a new workout regime in the simplest form. So long as we are persistent things will continue to unfold with momentum. Impatience can be destructive.

As the Sun squares Mars we'll be passionate, witty and even sarcastic in our approach. Selfishness could manifest for the first few days of Aries season but with acknowledgment and adjustment can be easily corrected as the tension eases. Challenge yourself to wonder without compromising your structure. Allow your intuition to take the lead on your expansion. Mutable placements will find themselves especially extravagant.

The Spring Equinox is a big deal and it symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle, hence why Aries is associated with new beginnings. It is a powerful time to align one's vision and goals with the energy of the stars. Day and night are the same length as the sun passes the equator moving from the southern to the northern hemisphere. Rebirth, being born anew, Spring is in full swing and earth showing signs to floral life the symbolism promotes a fresh start at life no matter what's in the rearview mirror.

March 21 - New Moon in Aries

The energy is rich and potent. New beginnings are being Divinely orchestrated. The intensity of this energy can cause emotional friction with our loved ones when we're stuck in our way or determined to see something through. This New Moon is in the first degree making the energy intense and strong. This makes us susceptible to impulse. We can really take in the energy and use it to take our personal and professional lives to the next level. Social status maybe more interesting during this transit than before. We're making plans we're enthused to see through. Short term goals keep us motivated to get achieve those long term ones.

When the moon is new, it symbolizes a time to put what was to rest and use the application of the latest cycle's wisdom to your benefit come the Full Moon. Clean house in more ways than one to welcome in the new energy a New Moon cycle brings.

We're more critical of "governing" ideologies while simultaneously challenging authority, especially as hidden motives surface. In the negative, this could provoke violence or arrogance in destructive ways. Let's not test anyone's patience as there isn't much in the air. Balance is necessary in power and we'll all have our theories on the major "news source" headlines. Those who are still struggling with discernment and manipulation will be shown new ways to heal old wounds. When they say, "time heals all wounds", we often interpret that meant without the work. Healing is an active process, not theoretical. Aries will exalt negative character traits in loud ways if we're unaware of ourselves. This energy is either love it or hate it. It's extreme but if you're willing, you'll feel even the simplest things more passionately.

March 23 - Pluto in Aquarius

Open mindedness is a great trait to adopt with Pluto in Aquarius. We're willing to experiment and explore our subconscious governs more objectively. What may have been hard to process will be easier to understand without internalizing it. If you find yourself extremely sensitive to outside energies, this transit makes being objective a lot easier. It'll allow you time to revise a protection plan. Pluto is in the 8th house bringing the capability and determination to the forefront. This could result in our desire for change and reform to contradict our personal environment and needs. Think it through without overthinking it or you're likely to send yourself in circles.

March 25 - Mars in Cancer

Exalting Mars, the planet of aggression and motive, Cancer can be moody and indirect in approach. Imagination and creativity are great ways to utilize this energy to your benefit. Allowing things to become inspiring or romanticized can really offset the moody characteristics Mars in Cancer may bring. We'll have to be intentional about aligning our actions and feelings, not allowing feelings to control the narrative.

We aim to bring more peace and safety to our lives, like home improvement projects that feel good. Material matters doesn't capture Mars in Cancer but it sure has its attention. Connection is required and there's a desire to feel understood. If matters of the home are in good standing, we're likely to be more optimistic about other areas of our life. Sharing ideas at work with ones you trust will be beneficial and recognized under the influence of this energy.

This season has the potential to be expansive, fruitful and refreshing in all the right ways and in all areas. As long as we don't stumble over our own feet and get distracted, we'll be well on our way to results with this energy. Aries season will begin to highlight whether or not the work is really being done. Retire the excuses and makes the necessary changes to transition from surviving to thriving.

Thank you for joining me!


Kam O'Neal


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