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Mystery Bags

Mystery Bags

PriceFrom $35.00
Excluding Sales Tax

Your Mystery Bag is a treasure trove of possibilities, filled with all your favorite items! Prepare to be delighted by the endless options that await you:

  • Experience the magic of a free tarot reading.
  • Surround yourself with protection and prosperity with our enchanting candles.
  • Discover the power of oils and their transformative properties.
  • Embrace the energy of gemstones and unlock their hidden potential.
  • Purify your space with our selection of cleansing tools.

And that's just the beginning! Our Mystery Bag holds so much more in store for you!

Each bag is carefully curated just for you, with four mystery gemstones and two healing items from our shop. As an added bonus, we include a special gift to enhance your experience even further!

Please note that our supply is limited, so don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Remember, the items in your Mystery Bag will vary, ensuring that each bag is a unique and personalized surprise tailored specifically to you.

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