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THRIVING not just Surviving April 2023 Astrology

Hi again friends!

Thriving not just surviving in April will take patience and persistence but maybe we’ll find some peace along the way. 😉 Overall, I won’t sugarcoat it, Mercury is back to its regularly scheduled disruption this month. It likes to keep our lives spicy! Venus enters the chat with curiosity and the energy to explore it. Libra makes a dramatic yet fashionable entrance. The real show stopper is the New Moon Solar Eclipse, though. You can expect this month to be elaborate, intense and memorable. By the end of it, you'll be ready for your next vacation.

You may wanna have some tea & get comfy for this one!

4/3 Mercury enters Taurus

As we enter the month, Mercury enters Taurus wanting us to focus on reason and practicality, especially in dialogue regarding business and energetic investments. Selling a story won’t be easy to do without the facts. We're sensitive and attune but mysterious at first glance.

Be direct and forward. Taurus doesn’t like guessing or mind games. It’s easy to be apprehensive in our discernment against things that may have once been a weakness, remember you can trust yourself.

The sun is still in Aries as Mercury enters Taurus. This really offers us the opportunity to act on things that we’ve been pondering for a while. We may find ourselves vague or even timid in communication though. Especially in situations where we're not completely comfortable to be ourselves.

Taurus can be skeptical initially, it prefers to observe before engaging. Trust comes earned, not easily with Mercury in Taurus. As Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius we may find ourselves internally conflicted between our thoughts vs. beliefs.

This is intended to create a challenge that encourages you to expand your way of thinking and in some cases what you believe. We want to simplify things that have become overly complicated. Evolution starts in the mind. Don't frustrate yourself early on, trust the process. Give things time to manifest to include the organization and direction you're working towards.

Be mindful not to exhaust yourself fulfilling your curiosity, though. This aspect is transitioning through the eighth house. You’re bound to daydream possibilities and alternative realities.

The eighth house also will make us wonder why people act the way they do before judging how they act.

At home, adopting fluid and honest communication habits will minimize or eliminate the passive aggression. Financial responsibilities, if neglected, will likely have a negative impact on intimate relationships. Obviously! I mean intensely. It’ll reflect negatively on both parties' security in the relationship as well as personal self esteem. Especially, in the initial days as Mercury squares Pluto.

If you’re single, review your connection to love and stability. Over time you may have come to view things differently than you used to, or you’ll begin to realize that it is time to do so. What lives in your head rent free? Are there areas in your life where you’re still operating out of survival or trauma?

4/6 Libra Full Moon

Full moon in Libra will challenge us to balance between self and our partner. We will be extremely sensitive in relationships here. We aim to please, though the Sun is still in Aries.

So, the ability to self sacrifice will be challenged. This is happening in the seventh house which is great for Libra, as this is home but a Full Moon will increase how emotionally reactive we are.

We’ll want to socialize or spend time with our partner. We want to feel close, connected and secure in our intimate relationships. In our social groups we want to be seen and highly regarded. Seeking validation could become emotionally disruptive, it’s easy to get frustrated within a misunderstanding. Leading to relationship drama, especially if communication is strained. Fortunately, this leaves room for relationship epiphanies and breakthroughs as well.

Though, we should still remember a petty approach isn't a constructive one. We may find ourselves tempted to go lower when someone goes low; it'll only backfire in this energy.

Enforce your boundaries out of love and respect for self, not ego or emotion towards someone else. This is a great time to focus on that of the Divine Feminine. You don’t have to step out of character to let someone know that they’ve misjudged what you’ll allow. How do you want the Divine Feminine to show up in your life? How can you embody a better balance? The Divine Feminine reminds us to find freedom in flow. Adaptability is an essential asset to evolution. This Full Moon is going to bring to the surface in what ways we should be more authentic to ourselves. Aries can teach Libra that the foundation is (not centers around) first, self and everything builds upon it. Libra can teach Aries that helping others can also be mutually helpful. Full Moons are a time for culmination, clarity and celebration, as new beginnings were kicked off at the entrance of the Aries season and the Spring Equinox routine will start to iron itself out. We will clearly start to see the difference between where and who we were and now. The path forward starts to become more clear and the vision sharpens.

4/11 Venus enters Gemini

Venus is our planet of love, pleasure and sensuality. So, Venus in Gemini is fun and adventurous. We crave creative freedom in our expression. Gemini is a very youthful and curious sign, always looking to explore the endless possibilities.

As Venus moves through the 2nd house, it’ll highlight our relationship to security and material wealth. When Venus initially squares Saturn, it’ll highlight any financially reserved tendencies or operations out of financial instability. What does money mean to you and what kind of role does it play in your life?

Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness just to be financially stable? Is financial stability in relation to social influence or your heart’s true desire? Venus also trines Pluto, adding a sense of depth to our feelings with a willingness to explore. We’ll find ourselves more curious about our partner expecting the same energy in return. (which could lead to conflict if not returned)

We are enticed by intelligence but initially emotionally distant. We want to socialize and explore our spontaneous interests. We will be particularly flirty and charming. Gemini loves through laughter, Gemini wants you to be flattered if you're the butt of their joke. It's all in fun as long as everyone involved is laughing! OH! You'll also find that music speaks when words seem to elude you too! If you're single you’ll want to really think about starting new romantic relationships right now. Though things may seem hot and spicy for now, it could be short lived. Always do what feels right, just be mindful of impulsively jumping into something. You wouldn’t want it to be premature. Gemini energy ignites our wonderer and entertains our curiosities even if they're short lived. Engage in social variety. You may find yourself amongst different kinds of social groups just following your curiosities. Or even bringing different friends groups together! Communication and transportation work in our favor, so we can take this as a win.

Venus makes quite a few aspects as it moves through Gemini until May 7th. Follow along with us and we’ll keep you informed.

4/20 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

When the Universe does things like this, it makes it hard not to believe in magic.✨ This energy is intense. Take it easy. You will feel impulsive and unwavering about your feelings. (Solar Eclipse energy can linger for up to 6 months after the date of eclipse.)

Jumping to conclusions will only cause a ripple effect of chaotic impulse. Remember, it's easy for the ego to get involved when Aries is around, unresolved shadow work will surface. What’s the relationship like between your emotions and your ego?

When we get out of our own way, we find that self improvement becomes life improvement. Along the way, we often find new beginnings come after “inevitable” endings.

Because this eclipse occurs in Aries, it encourages us to focus on new beginnings in areas like personal plans, being assertive/taking action and creative expression. It’s easier to find ways to empower ourselves. We are more capable of doing those things that intimidate us.

As flaws reveal themselves in personal systems, we’re courageous enough to be honest with ourselves about it. Delivery and approach are essential. How you speak to yourself affects your entire perception as well as how you communicate with others.

I’ll reiterate that this energy is rich. Manifesting and setting your intention for this Astro New Year with this energy will be very rewarding. You’ll soon learn that you don’t need to do much other than start. You’ll learn along the way. Your experience, your story, your inspiration can be your fuel. The work won’t feel like work once you start reaping the result\reward. Many of us are using this energy as a fresh start to finally hop on the ride of living. Being optimistic about the unknown is easy to embrace.

Enjoy yourself. I know that may seem like an evident notion. But I encourage you to genuinely, notice every time you laugh or smile in a day; become present and intentional about your joy.

Adopt practices that support embracing yourself. This is the perfect time to shake up stagnant energy and give yourself a start at something new.

You’ll find major progress in areas of your chart ruled by Aries.

4/20 Taurus Season; Happy Solar Return Taurus

The first official day of Taurus season. You can count on a change of pace compared to Aries season. We are inspired to analyze and strategize with the reality Aries season gave us. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, attraction, love, money and art.

"This is the part where the flower starts bloom after rain"- Cycle; Sabrina Claudio

Taurus moves slow but steady. Taurus is dependable yet stubborn. What works, works for Taurus. It’s easier to be patient under this influence. It gives us an advantage and the opportunity to really analyze and improve on any projects started during Aries season.

Energy like this is always a reconfirmation of the Universe supporting us.

We’re inspired to give things more time to bloom this season regardless of the hastiness we may originally started with. Sun in Taurus initially moves through the 11th house giving more energy to social support be it friends, co-workers, or our overall peers.

The things you act on and move through will be supported easily by those who resonate and well respected by those who do not. Now is not a time that encourages us to be confrontational. We may be more inclined to invest our time in causes that are much bigger than us for long term gain under that 11th house influence. Taurus season will be supportive of career direction so long as you’re clear and intentional. Taurus believes hard work and dedication are a fool proof plan to get the job done. We’re willing to lead but also willing to play our part on a team.

Don’t be surprised if positive career changes liven up your life. Read the fine print always and be sure you’re really ready to commit.

4/20 Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius

The Sun in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius can bring out the shadow not only within ourselves but within others. This aspect can be challenging but usually we notice after the fact. What I mean by that is, when people have ill intentions, it may initially be easier to look over until it’s not. Whether the behavior persists or you just eventually come to notice it.

This aspect will influence people to be more manipulative for personal gain than usual. Realistically, that comes as no surprise, but be mindful of those you’d least expect it from. This energy is influencing such a subconscious level, it can become very hard for the manipulator to realize they’re being manipulative. Especially, if its seemingly harmless.

It’s easy to find challenge and friction in this energy. Taurus and Aquarius, especially in these particular placements, have two completely different motives. Taurus is slow and steady, dedicated and focused. Aquarius wants to focus on general ideas with the ability to expand one idea into an entirely new concept (continuously).

Our conscious and subconscious mind work with two different approaches here. Of course, it’s never all bad. When a challenge presents itself, so does the opportunity to grow. When we release control and focus on the direction we’re guided towards, we end up right where we are supposed to be.

Productivity and intellectual exploration can work together. Use this challenge to take on a new perspective on what you may have thought you knew. Things aren’t usually all they seem to be on the surface. The strong sense of intuition implemented with this aspect can make this energy conducive for creating an opportunity not just waiting for one.

4/21 Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

MOM! MERCURY’S AT IT AGAIN! Yup! Another Mercury RX, don’t ya love a temperamental planet? HA!

Now that we’ve got the dramatics out of the way, let’s be real about it! This Mercury RX is happening in Taurus. Whatever isn’t right pertaining to structure and stability will be under a magnifying glass. Unproductive Taurean energy is never good for anyone involved.

Now unfortunately, that doesn't mean you’re just going to wake up one day in Taurus season and have it all figured out. We can dream, but Taurus would rather deal with the facts. If finances are out of order, frustrations will arise surrounding that until some sort of resolution or game plan is in place. Same goes for unresolved reoccurring personal stressors.

Communication is already bound to have its challenges with Mercury RX but being this is happening in Taurus, getting the details may be a bit harder than before. Things are going to move SLOW, molasses in winter slow, okay? This includes resolutions to any conflicts that may arise.

Even if you don’t have the answer right away, give yourself grace. Just because something doesn’t work out on your time doesn’t mean it’s not working out.

Most of us know, for those who don’t, Mercury rules our planet of communication, technology, intellect, learning transportation and things of the brain and mechanical matters. Mercury being Retrograde just means that from the Earth, it appears that we’re passing Mercury. It’s disruptive and can be challenging without the proper awareness. Why should you care? Well, this can affect business operations, travel plans, things being lost in transit or translation, misunderstandings and so forth.

This particular aspect is transitioning through the 7th house which influences our personal relationships. Patience is going to be a necessity at home. Communicating and comprehending loved ones can be challenging. Be willing to ask questions and listen.

Listening can be tough, especially here. Taurus is a very stubborn influence. Sorry, no they can’t read your mind. It’s easy to be demanding or even passive aggressive in this energy especially in co parenting situations or situations where the responsibility is shared.

Life doesn't stop just because a planet decides to shake us up. So, we just have to be a little extra cautious. When planning or executing things during this time, do so with flexibility. Expect the unexpected so it's easier to personally handle. Obviously, this is easier said than done but doable nonetheless.


Someone said something about a vacation? Whew! That was a wild ride but you made it here! I'm sure you've gathered this month requires you to show up for you above all else. Universal energy wants to support and reward us. That doesn't mean that it comes without work. Growth takes work, even if that only consists of continuously showing up over time. You are human first!

As we transition from Aries season to Taurus season we'll be inspired to stop and smell the flowers. In this season of real world, lol you'll notice how slowing down helps you speed up long term. It is possible to be both evolving and consistent. Just be persistent.

"The little lights of life always shine, even when we don't notice."

As you journey through life and the Universe has its way, sometimes you may wonder where you fit into all of it. Trauma and responses to it can become so backed up it gets hard to see up or down! I am here and happy to help. Join my mailing list for a little insight and kindness in your inbox or engage in a more personal experience by booking an appointment to connect one on one.

You should be thriving not just surviving in April! Til soon

Your Soulful Sunflower, Kam xoxo 💋

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