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A Spiritually Trending Topic | Tarot Readings

Updated: Jan 8, 2021


Tarot seems to be a hot topic of discussion and trend right now. Full disclosure it is not something you just pick up and start doing overnight. Tarot is used by many in this day and age as a tool of Divination. It is used to get insight on one's energy and how to navigate through it. Some cases, its predictions, messages from your ancestors, or even delving deep into the hidden secrets of your past. It can be utilized as a form of healing. Although frowned upon by learning the cards and their symbolism is utilized throughout many different religions. Learning Tarot is like learning another language. You can be great in a year. However, you'll always be relearning the cards through understanding and experience. Nevertheless, let's address the challenging aspect of Tarot cards, first to get that out of the way.


Before picking up your first deck of tarot cards it is vital to understand the value of the tool you've received.You will be challenged to master the balance of your energy otherwise it can become energetically draining. The level of honesty and self discipline has to be astounding. This isn't to scare you. However, it is important that you are well aware of your energy so you can be honest about the message being given. Setting boundaries is especially important.

For example, if you are doing a love reading looking for insight on your love life, however you are not discerned enough to receive when the cards are telling you, you are the problem. So you proceed to make your lack of healing everyone that comes into your life's problem. In this case, it would mean you are misusing the cards to support a narrative of your life that does not help you grow. It does not help you grow because you then escape the challenge that has been presented to you in order to learn and don't complete the lesson. That's how you get trapped in a cycle. That making it counterproductive of the resource entirely! You cannot align with the love of your desires if you refuse to heal from the things that hurt you. You cannot love from lack because then it wouldn't be love seeing that it did not come from love.

sounds logical


Positively, it can bring you to the light of your gifts of how you serve the collective. The tarot cards and crystals are the training wheels. Meaning, they're only the beginning. When these tool are utilized in a way that supports growth and evolution it engrains a new healthy habit. BOOM! Tarot can help you prepare for challenges ahead. If you're aware of a problem before it happens it gives you the ability to mentally prepare before anything else. In my personal opinion that is the most important preparation. Having mental agility gives you a leg up on your problems because you can make decisions from a sound mind. I am not here to say that life is perfect as a Tarot Reader. However, I will say the readiness and empowerment I feel when I can help myself in solving my problems I can be optimistic! It truly strengthens your relationship to your higher conscious, one of many ways to do so. The Law of Relativity States:

Nothing and no one is inherently good or bad.” “Everything is a spectrum of expression, and there is more than one perspective on any situation or challenge.”Wilder said.

Therefore emphasizing that emotionally detaching from the gratification that "good" or "bad" give us, allows us an unbiased perspective. We are often persuaded based on emotion and not the greater good of "logic". Tarot has offered me a vulnerable and safe space to do that for myself and my community! The positive and negative in balance give us harmony. Tarot and Astrology helped me unlock me.

All in all, know yourself. Don't jump into Tarot just to become a reader. You know what they say about things you have to force. Go with the flow of your highest guide and embrace the individuality of YOUR personal journey. Do not allow the toxicity of social media's programming to confine you within a box that doesn't even REALLY exist. Do what calls you and don't force chemistry with things that don't otherwise they're bound to explode to restore balance!


This one has been really really real! I love you all for your continuous support and encouragement! I hope this was helpful and encouraging. Remember not to be so hard on yourself. Sending you love and light!



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