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Shop Relaunch 2021 | Community Togetherness

It has always been my dream to help others. The best part of that dream becoming a reality is that, my offerings are already things I love and use in my day to day.

It was a dream come true being able to bring members of our community together to stand behind something amazing!

The Relaunch

Considering all of the feedback given from the community, it was important that the relaunch reflected what you all needed! ( & wanted) Given the right resources embracing a healthy spiritual life is easily obtainable. We restocked Palo, Sage, and added Abalone Shells too, just for you.

A Spiritual Lifestyle

As the world changes, it isn't always easy to change with it. However, change is an opportunity to grow. Meditation, rituals, reiki, yoga, crystal grids, and jewelry are just a few ways to incorporate your crystals and healing tools into your daily life.

Gemstones have been used for centuries tracking back to Asian, Egyptian, and Sumerian cultures. They were also said to be used alongside herbal remedies during the Renaissance. These traditions are not far fetch or "witchcraft". Reviving the traditions and spiritual practices of those before us help us to find every day solutions.

Holistic remedies such as crystal healing isn't a modern day, new age trend. The power behind each gem comes from the energy they share with us. They hold more wisdom than we could imagine having been apart of earth for so long. Working with Crystal gems is a brilliant form of alchemy. Even referenced in different religions, crystals have a diverse background, spiritually and physically.

Though, holistic practices are meant to be preventative, when challenges like anxiety or stress arise there is help! There are many resources at our fingertips to empower our best self. Try this meditation crystal grid combo next time you need a pick me up! Customize it to your liking!

Infinity Meditation Circle

What You'll Need:



Take a seat and get comfy. Facing North, put one crystal at N,S,E,W points around you.

Light sage/palo and allow the smoke to cleanse your circle and all the energy in it. Imagine the smoke as a white light cleansing you of low vibrations. Give yourself at least 15 minutes undisturbed within your energy circle.

Immediately, as your bring your attention to your body you will feel the tension begin to loosen. Drop your shoulders, but don't slouch. Practicing this regularly will help reduce stress and anxiety. Soothes emotional and spiritual discomfort. If you set your intentions before entering your circle of what it is you need to get out of it, will also help!

Check out this Spotify playlist for meditation and chakra frequencies if you like to add music to your meditation or practices.

I'd also like to give a special thank you to the members who helped make this relaunch better than we could've imagined. As we all recover from a global pandemic, we need one another now more than ever! So, thank you for being here!


Kam O'Neal


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