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New Moon in Taurus | Commitment to Self


New moons usher in new beginnings. Now is the time to plant those seeds you wish to manifest upon the completion of the moon cycle. The New Moon in Taurus arrives Tuesday, May 11th. Patience is a virtue during this time the moon spends in Taurus.

What to Expect?

Expect a sudden shift in energy. Things that no longer serve you are bound to fall away whether you want it to or not. Your stability and foundation are going to be brought to the forefront for you to focus on. That said now is the perfect time to slow down while emotions are relatively stable. Taurus is a sensual earth sign that is ruled by Venus the ruler of love and beauty.

Taurus governs what makes us feel worthy and if self care was not a priority before, Taurus is sure to bring that to the forefront.

You'll be prioritizing your happiness and all things surrounding it. That doesn't mean that life will lack conflict. There will be those who resist this energy. If something doesn't resonate with you, now is not the time to force it. Taurus encourages us to focus on our home and the simple things in life. However, security is a priority!

How to Utilize this Energy

Commit to your personal goals! Now is the time to dream and plan new ways of increasing income and empowerment. Set up an execution plan to tackle those goals. Honor yourself and your needs. Now is not the time to self sacrifice, even if its a bad habit. You will experience unnecessary resistant as a result.

Taurus offers us the opportunity to recommit to ourselves, to include our boundaries. Commit to personal goals to usher in positive energy. Enjoy your favorite meal as an act of self care. Pay attention and re-evaluate your relationship to money and possessions. How you want to grow and who you want to grow into should be the focus.

Influential Astrological Transits

Although Taurus isn't fond of confrontation, tensions could be high with family. As it can be easy to get irritated and difficult to find our peace.

However, the moon is sextile Neptune which gives us the opportunity to embrace art and beauty. Artistic talents expand and as a collective we embrace ideas and perspectives that are unique. Shortly after the new moon, the 13th, Jupiter enters Pisces offering us rich life experiences through our intuition and compassion. This energy is charitable, offering support. Right before we enter Mercury RX Shadow period on the 14th of this month and Mercury enters its retrograde on the 29th. This Taurus energy is supportive of the preparation of this phase. This new moon will allow us to set the tone for how we choose to move through the month. Your thoughts are the center of your reality. What you think you become and what you focus on, you give power too.

Overall Advice

Focus on the things that you have genuine control over and that bring fulfillment to your life. Set goals and plan for the abundant future you desire. Get well aquatinted with the things you'd like to change regarding your physical life. Be it your body, your home, or your environment, give it the nourishment and attention it deserves. Don't allow little things to get under your skin, if they do look inside to nurture the wound that was triggered. Go for walks in nature and get in tune with Mother Earth. As the seasons will soon be changing, its a good time to set intentions on the kind of summer you'd like to have. Manifestations are rich in Taurus New Moon and supportive energy.

If you'd like to learn how this new moon energy will affect you, book your reading here!

Happy New Moon!

Kindly with love,

Kam 💋

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