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The Moon & Her Phases: Why It Matters

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

We talk a lot about the moon here, be it new or full moon. I try to keep you all updated on what to expect and how to best benefit. I'm sure some of you are curious as to why they matter anyway. So, let's explore!

Why does the Moon Matter?

The moon, like the tides, affects our e-motions. It is linked by the magnetic field between the earth and the moon. Humans are 60-70% water after all. The moon goes through phases within each cycle and each phase has a different play on our emotions. Many other things come into account such as your moon sign, where you are on earth, and things of like nature as well! However, for the purpose of this context, we'll keep it general. (My time zone is EST GMT -5)

Nevertheless, this allows us the energy to take a deeper look into our shadow selves. Emotions are memories trapped in your subconscious mind. Hence why you become triggered put under certain stress. You're meant to embody all of your humanness, though. The Universe supports you, to include the moon! Your subconscious is your lens of perception; shaped by things like your experiences or traumas. The moon will influence these energies regardless. However, being aware allows us to be prepared! Rather than wondering what's happening to you, you're well aware that its the supportive energy encouraging your healing!

What does it mean?

Let's talk about what all of this means to begin. One complete moon cycle is 29.5 days from New Moon to New Moon. Each cycle has eight phases within it. Let's talk about them and how they apply.

New Moon

This is when the moon is invisible; it symbolizes new beginnings after clearing old or stagnant energy. This is a good time to start setting your intentions. Manifestations and rituals that you would like to see come to fruition during the full moon should be done at this time. The New Moon is like the Monday of the moon cycle! (lol)

Waxing Crescent Moon

This is when you're ready to plant the seed you were putting intention behind within the New Moon. This energy is like the fertilizer to your manifestations and ideas. Rituals during this time should be centered around helping your New Moon "baby" blossom come the Full Moon. Things like adding supporting crystals, hand written mantras, and things of that nature. It's your journey, feel free to get as creative as you please as long as your intentions are in tact.

First Quarter Moon

This is when the moon appears to be cut in half. This is where the action begins. During this time you want to evaluate what practical things can be done to help fulfill your desires and manifestations. Whether that's manifesting an opportunity, getting more exposure, whatever your situation calls for, really.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

This phase of the moon sits us down again. What's working? What isn't working? During this phase, this will be the focal point for the goals and intentions set during the New Moon. Get out your pen and paper. Write out your list of pros and cons. Is this goal realistically tangible right now or is this a long term goal? How does your mindset and perspective play a role in the action taken thus far? There's a lot to consider here. It's not bad though, this just helps keep you on track to bringing goals to life. Each cycle you'll get better and better the more aware you become of the entire process.

The Full Moon

The Full Moon is often referred to as the Harvest Moon. Yes, the time has finally come to reap what you've sown. Fruits of your labor should be ripe at this time if all went well

during your process. I want to remind you here to be mindful of how important your small victories are too. A win is still a win! This doesn't have to be dramatic or elaborate! You're in charge, you set the scale.

Waning Gibbous Moon

The biggest focal point for the Waning Gibbous is internal. As everything is fresh in your mind take note of how things up until this point have made and are making you feel. As we previously discussed, the moon is linked to your emotions. The moon is also linked to your intuition. Epiphanies seem to happen more often at night. So pay attention to what you're being told, even if the message isn't crystal clear yet. The things revealed to you are extremely beneficial to the ease of your journey.

Third Quarter Moon

Now its time to cleanse. Another cycle coming to an end. Appreciate the positive and negative. Allow space for them to be without judgement. Forgive yourself for things that may not have gone right and celebrate the things that did. It's time to release this cycle so we can go into the new one with a clean slate.

Waning Crescent Moon

It's time to part ways with this cycle. Teaching us the boundaries of healthy detachment, now that this moon cycle is complete its time to let it go. During this time we rest and bump up the self care a bit. It's time to get aligned and ready for this next moon cycle!

Be Practical

Of course, be practical. When using the moon's energy to enhance your lifestyle there's no need to be dramatic. Do what's within your means and allow the energy to introduce you to

more. What I mean by this is, set realistic goals. The nature of the Universe wants to work in your favor. Therefore, leaving room for growth allows space for miracles. Dream big, always! However, break it down. Be specific and intentional within each moon cycle and manifestation. You will attract what you align with, so be sure to do the work on you! You have to be ready to receive. Let go of your expectations and experience your life. Allow things to come together without forcing them to fit. Some things take time and the timing is Divine, not our own. Keep in mind that where the moon sits in the astrology chart as well. Zodiac energies specifically affect how each phase is supported and amplified.


The moon cycle is typically directly synced with the menstrual cycle too. It's super useful to familiarize yourself with how your body and hormones are affected by the phases of the moon. (Even if you're irregular)

The phase of the moon is often why things seem so much more intense than they truly are. This will allow you to better prepare through awareness and a little extra love when you need it. Don't be afraid to ask for the support you need from your support group if you find the one cycle is a bit harder emotionally than others may have been. Astrology has a role in that too! There are many app trackers and moon calendar resources to help you stay organized with these things. It is often beneficial to plan things during this time with awareness. This is a sacred yet sensitive time for your body. Give it all the extra attention it needs!

Nevertheless, thank you so much for checking in and learning about the moon with me! Until next time!!

Love Always,

Kam 💋

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