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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

2021 will be an interesting year with Mercury going retrograde in all three air signs. The stars are bold, I tell ya! Although retrogrades can seem scary, awareness can help one overcome fear. Protect your peace. Mercury RX in Aquarius is from 1/30/21 - 2/21/21

mercury galaxy text retrograde gif
when the planet appears to be moving in the opposite direction of the earth.

What is Mercury Rx?

Mercury Rx is when the planet appears to be moving in the opposite direction of earth, or moving"backwards." (East to west rather than west to east) These transits influence technology, communication, and difficulties traveling. Although, this does provide a challenge; it's just challenge enough to encourage us to go within and dig deep. Your awareness and presence in each moment during this time will help elevate frustrations or tension that may arise.

What to Expect?

You can definitely expect some miscommunication, technology frustration, as well as travel delays. This retrograde is in Aquarius. Air signs are intellectual and great with words. The opposite side of this coin is that they're also hard thinkers. Aquarius is always finding new ways to reinvent themselves especially in an era like today's (Age of Aquarius)!

Fixed, Air Sign, Water Bearer

You'll notice others being more unapologetically themselves and getting support within it. As will you,

However, the fascination with newness could become overwhelming. Its easy to bite off more than you can chew at this time. Nonetheless, it'll all be transformative to your psyche in positive ways. Your truest desires will be highlighted where they once were hidden. Things you forgot brought you joy or seemed silly at the time will arise again during this time.

What Can I Do?

Try to be openminded during this transit. As Mars (aggression, anger, survival, courage, and confidence) will enjoy Taurus, don't confine yourself to old ways of doing things. Create a routine that supports your self love through doing something out of pure joy. Allow expansive space to open up the receptivity of your consciousness and align with the new paradigm.

Aquarius is social yet still needs sufficient alone time to recharge and be in the rawest and rebellious form, Aquarius. Ask questions when you don't understand, as miscommunications are high. Add a little more time to your daily meditation. Keep watering the intentions set during the Leo Full Moon. Use your affirmations and mantras.

What Shouldn't I Do?

Don't take life too seriously right now. Things will not always be what they seem. Most would advise against signing documentation during a retrograde. However, life doesn't stop because a planet wants to challenge us. Read the fine print, if you can push the signing date back go for it. However, don't stress yourself out. Don't be too hard on yourself and try to remain grounded. Aquarius can be extremely aloof, so bring your awareness to your presence so you don't miss a beat.

This isn't prime time for technology, I've retyped this post twice. 🥴. The best thing to do is not get frustrated with the little nuances that seemingly play a demanding role. LAUGH! Don't throw your phone, that won't fix it! haha!!

Social gatherings and travel plans may have a particular strain on them at times due to the transformation and challenging energy underway. That said, be mindful and don't get caught up in the temptation of falling back into unhealthy habits. I am not saying, change your whole life for this transit, though. Small adjustments if you feel they're necessary but ultimately do what feels right to you. Don't hide from the world because retrograde is out here acting up. Your reality is your reflection. Embrace the lessons in challenges that arise and acknowledge how you've grown along the way.

Things to Remember

Breathe. We often forget to breathe when we're stressed out. Taking conscious breaths will help you stay present. You don't want to overthink this energy.

Ground when you feel you're becoming unbalanced. Journaling will be beneficial right now to keep up with goals and plans as they change through this transit. Focus on how this will help you transform through challenge. You are aware, which already gives you a leg up. Honor yourself everyday and forgive yourself for when you didn't. All is well that ends well!

In Love & Balance,

Kam xx 💋

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