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What to Expect | Astro Forecast: January 2023

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Happy New Year! In the means of numerology, this year is number 7. The number 7 is a highly spiritual and intuitive number. It embodies individuality and awareness. This year should be a more graceful year, though it won't be without its challenges.


1/1 Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 0°16’, Applying

Deep and intense feelings, long lasting. The desire for strong and emotionally devoted relationships is present here. You’ll likely analyze your relationship/ perspective to/of sex here. Feelings are kept private and only revealed in a space that is trusted to be safe. Mind the thin line between love and lust. This is the last day Venus sits in Capricorn before moving into Aquarius.

1/1 Mercury in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, 0°49’, Applying

Indulging in fantasy and a good taste for art, however uninterested in minor detail. There is a struggle between practical and material aspects of life present. Too trusting and usually paying for it. Intuitive and inspiration based thinking. Soul searching. Balancing realism and fantasy is beneficial here. Curious and full of wonder, though easily overstimulated, a clash between internal and external energies. - Technology being a trigger. Spiritual curiosity reaches a peak, discovering or rediscovering personal truths. Not readily adaptable to change and it’s not a good day to indulge in too much alcohol if you struggle to stay grounded. Observe the thoughts that arise that you naturally challenge and explore them. Don't push where you feel resistance.

There are three planetary retrogrades present: Mercury, Mars and Uranus

1/2 Venus enters Aquarius 21:09 EST, 1 / 2 - 1 / 26

Is your lover also your friend? Friendship is important for real intimacy and connection under this influence. Venus in Aquarius is far from traditional and ready to be experimental. Authenticity is the most attractive trait in this energy. We’re challenging tradition and “more is more” is the undertone. There’s a certain beauty to the madness. We are concise in our approach and genuine in our love. We’re curious but not completely ready to push the limits with our beliefs. Passion and intellect are fueling spontaneity, though genuine connection requires less detachment and more intention. Intimately sensitive but not easily persuaded. Shadows rooted in childhood memories can become triggered and arise under this influence. If not carefully monitored, poor money management will cause avoidable stress and challenges.

1/3 Venus in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries 1°27’, Applying

We’re more open minded and accepting of the individuality and uniqueness of others, especially in our personal life. Observe and approach relationships with an open mind but in no rush. Expansive and innovative ideas can prove to be lucrative if the energy doesn't burn out first. This energy could influence us to be quick to start but slow to finish if impatience overrules discipline. We take a more positive and graceful approach to our physical reflections, it’ll manifest more vibrantly for some depending on personal placements.”Talk to me nicely” is the energy. Where direction is lacking faith fills in.

The tendency to overestimate or over-exalt one's capabilities is highly likely. Think it through before committing to all of your new ideas or being misleading. We’re socially adaptable, kind and particularly generous. Though, words cut deep if the potential lack of patience were triggered. Use the things you’ve learned through the lessons of experience.

1/5 Sun in Capricorn trine Uranus[R]in Taurus 0°43’, Applying

This energy may seem tense but hard to ignore in terms of evaluating self and direction of growth. Uranus is about change and disruption, usually externally on a “big picture” scale as it is an outer planet. However, when it goes retrograde, that change and disruption is directed inward. Capricorn can be critical and concise when it comes to self analysis and focal points of improvement.

This energy may be slow to put the plan in motion but I assure you the planning is being done. Everything is not as it seems in this energy, and Mercury Rx only exalts that energy. Strong opinions can be properly digested, given thorough communication. The truth can be respected rather than resented under this influence. After all, we want to be practical, being irrational only causes unnecessary chaos. You may not feel completely your best but definitely grounded today.

1/6 Full Moon in Cancer @ 18:08 EST

The moon is at home in Cancer. The polarity between Cancer and Capricorn requires balance between intuitively and practically. If your work life balance is still missing the balance, that will be brought to the surface and analyzed. Cancer is intuitive and maternal whereas Capricorn is practical and objective. Rather than a battle, a balance can offer clarity and real growth in life. Peace of mind is the best medicine. Cancer governs our home sector, Capricorn governs the career, the ability to master the balance between the two can create a really rejuvenating and monetarily successful life.

This full moon will highlight what's going right and what still needs some work. Neglecting things in either the home sector or career sector will backfire. Parents and children (especially of opposite sex) can easily bump heads under this influence as the balance between content and needy is delicate as is the connection between closeness and the need for space. This also applies to relationships.

This moon is emotionally charged due to the exalted energy of Cancer but also the need to clear up past patterns that are no longer beneficial. You may find that you want to move some furniture around or rearrange things in your personal space a bit. Connecting with your home will be refreshing and enhance creativity (creative thinking, problem solving, etc.) within your career/job. You will want to find a more practical and efficient way of doing things and organizing things at home.

Goals and intentions set at the New Moon will have completed a full cycle giving us the proper data to analyze what works and what needs to be revised. Mercury is still retrograde until the 18th, so as things end, allow them space to inspire new beginnings. Ease into them with grace not urgency. Make achieving your goals a gentle part of your self care rather than a chore. When you create a life you love, you love the life you live. Romanticize anything you want, the only happy ending you’ll get is the one you create.

1/7 Sun in Capricorn conjunct Mercury [R] in Capricorn 1°16, Applying

Under this influence we may struggle to work well with others. This does not stop one’s curiosity of technology and the overall understanding of the human psyche. It is easy to get caught up in objectivity . Socializing will be on an as needed basis. Be mindful of the overindulgence of social media and comparison. Don’t be too quick to judge yourself or others. Allow the imperfections of others to be a reminder of our connection in humanness.

1/8 Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus 1°17’, Applying

The influence is inspirational and innovative; interested in new and evolving technology. It is important that we create opportunities that allow us to share our ideas and concepts with others under this influence. Emotional energy is still charged from the Cancer Full Moon yesterday. The approach is intended to be fair however it can still come off abrasive if not thought through.. This energy can easily be transmuted into creativity for more mutable personal placements.

1/9 Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini 0°49’, Applying

Witty and intellectual but kind and considerate. As the moon is currently moving through Leo making emotions intense but precise. Full of energy with a chill approach initially. Ready to charge when it comes to innovate new ideas. The negative aspect is that the ideas may not have real basis, just impulsive and random. There may be a lack of direction with real motive. We have a desire to be creative within realistic means. All of your hobbies don’t need to turn into a business. Use your words to create opportunities and open new doors. You’d be surprised who is truly keen on your influence.

1/12 Mars direct in Gemini 8°08 , Applying

Mars will be in a retrograde shadow period until March 15th. The Full Moon supports this energy and encourages us to take action. Though, Mercury’s retrograde suggests we get into it with ease. Don’t start anything majorly new and be sure to pay close attention to the fine print until the end of the shadow period.

1/13 Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces 0°35’, Applying

The desire for order and structure may be contradicting with this influence. The goals and ideas may be further fetched than realistically attainable right now. The intensities we feel, we are not ready to speak on but very attentive to. We’re dedicated in self discovery but also private in our approach. We allow fantasy only in the manner that is productive to the big picture. We push for expansion realistically here. We are strategic about our approach, even when it doesn't go as planned. We are a bit more philosophical and spiritual than normal. We may find ourselves rambling about our beliefs as if they’re fact to others’ beliefs too. Chaos can be bred here, so speak with the sensitivities of others in mind. Think impulses thoroughly through. What we think and feel can contradict.

1/14 Venus in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 1°19, Applying

Inclusive, no feelings or important persons left behind. We are intimate in the home sector. Freedom and security may clash here if the intentions are not expressed clearly. Concise communication and a direct approach can make intimate relationships and close connections expansive. It is easy to feel intimately suffocated by your lover under this influence so be sure to approach this aspect with grace, not with edge.

1/18 Sun in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 0°36, Applying

Growth takes dedication but this is the right energy to support it. Pluto in Capricorn is restricted. This energy has the right momentum to create real personal power actualization. Where you may have felt rushed, you’ll feel a sense of confidence in your direction. When you have an objective, how you get there or how long it takes is not the focus. The journey is. Hard work is the underlying tone, anything imagined can be done with hard work, according to Capricorn.

1/18 Mercury direct in Capricorn @ 8:12 (P.M.) EST

Self doubt can be loud, knowing Mercury Rx has come to a close use the energy gained through the self reflection done during this period. Distorted views of intimate relationships is likely. This energy shift calls for preparation not drastic movement. Egos are particularly fragile and communication can be challenging to clearly comprehend. Easier to accept criticism in conversations with those we trust. Intelligent and overall life oriented however easily distracted.

1/20 Sun enters Aquarius @ 3:30 (A.M)

Expect the unexpected in Aquarius season. Aquarius is influenced by Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is responsible for the sensible approach and persistence though Uranus is responsible for the restlessness and originality. Feeling confident in our abilities but fair. Somewhat detached in our approach but intellectual and thought provoking. This is a time to cultivate new ideas and turn old concepts on their head. Don't think too much though as it's easier to get overstimulated in Aquarius season. If you find yourself curious, explore your curiosities.

We want to think freely and for the greater good of all. Aquarius is rebellious and eccentric. This will make for interesting personalities this season. You'll learn new things about the people close to you or the people you admire in general.

Rules that seem unjust will be questioned and questionable concepts will be put under a microscope. You'll be more accepting of the independence and uniqueness of others. If change is uncomfortable for you, be mindful of how this may manifest. If change is in the flow of things, all you can do is go with it. There will be a strategic approach taken to balance socializing and recharging in solitude. Aquarius is an introverted extrovert, especially if they have heavy earth sign placement influences.

Many of us will want to explore expressing ourselves through different mediums in different ways. Trying something new is definitely on the menu. Aquarius is a sign that just wants to help, how this manifests will be greatly influenced by your moon sign. We want to give and receive generously in this energy.

Being detached has its pros as long as they don't become overpowered by the cons. Get to know your truths a bit deeper in this energy as the detachment will allow for an unbiased truth. You'll likely want to be more honest with yourself and others. We're talkative and intellectual in this energy. The last thing we want to do is entertain mediocre conversation. Aquarius is witty and very sarcastic. Those character traits are highly likely to manifest. This season will be fun and a great opportunity to let loose and not take life so seriously!

1/21 New Moon in Aquarius @ 15:53

This new moon has an airy energy around it, which will linger over the next few days. Some thoughts of yours or your peers will be far left but definitely worth listening to. It’ll be easier than usual to express concise feelings and display transparency and honesty. Coping with unplanned changes could manifest uncomfortably.

Setting goals and focusing on the big picture will come with ease. Thoughts may be invasive and a dime a dozen. Once one’s mind is made up, it’ll be hard to change it under this influence as unnecessary stubbornness may be a challenge. There will be little regard for authoritative rules, unless they serve a greater good.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is quite rebellious and disruptive. We want to be inclusive without compromising our identity. Under this new moon, we will find ourselves particularly independent and ready to try something new. Constructive criticism is valued when approached intellectually. Socially, we’re open to new ideas though we may never truly act on them. We are sensitive but rational and expressive. Fire signs, particularly Leo, could find themselves particularly self centered and should be mindful of how this manifests for them. As you set new intentions, reach for the stars but be sure you’re setting realistic goals to get to the big ones.

1/22 Uranus direct in Taurus 17:58

This influence supports changes in the structures that are socially traditional. Uranus does not support the energy of Taurus very well as Taurus doesn't like being disruptive or rebellious. This manifests healthy challenges as we are challenged to expand our overall capacity, what does it mean to be authentic to oneself? What makes you, you completely uninfluenced? We’ll explore new spaces of beauty and find new interests. Resistance to new ways of thinking but time favors here.

1/24 Sun sextile Jupiter in Aries 20:30 0°00, Applying

This energy inspires us to find and lean into the things that make us confident, optimistic and full of life. However, this can sometimes cause impulsiveness and impatience if not properly balanced. How do your beliefs and reality align and are you sure they do?

1/26 Venus enters Pisces 21:32 - 2/20

Intimately tender, affectionate and intuitive. Love is empathetic and yielding. Unrealistic expectations can make it hard to feel satisfied. This influence is seductive and sensual, manifesting for some, siren energy. Giving and compromising is easier to do. Inspiration is the name of the game and we’re willing to explore what feels right. This influence can cause passive aggressiveness at home. Things aren’t likely everything it seems in this energy, give things time to unfold, especially in romance.

1/29 Sun in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini

Our feelings and emotions may not align and there's tension between the two under this influence. Communicating clearly may be challenged if met with reactivity rather than comprehension. We desire enough freedom to explore our personal evolution in the home sector. Drastic measures are willing to be taken to prove originality and individuality. Craving change and moody if not grounded. Eager to move but Mercury’s retrograde shadow phase suggests easing into applying new findings to be sure they’re not premature.


This month will be full of expansive energy. The challenges that arise shouldn't be met with resistance as they strengthen our character. Pettiness can arise but should be brushed off and not met with confrontation.

Old structures may be torn down to create space for more. Intimately this is a good month to get to know your partner deeper. Explore your sex life and what intamicy means to you. Use this time to find grace in change and become aware of all the things that continue to work in your favor.

Thank you for reading! Happy January!

Until next time,

Kam ONeal

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