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Leo Full Moon 🌕 | What to Expect?

What parts of your most passionate inner self have you been hiding? This Full Moon will be energetically charged! January 28th 2021, the Full Moon in Leo occurs. However, we also have to bear in mind the pre-shadow Mercury RX energy.

This energy will welcome the climax of many unfinished or loose energies in your life as well as within the collective. Ground yourself in knowing that everything is not as it may seem. So slow down and meditate before speaking or engaging.


Like anything, passion has its shadow side as well. It may be easy to get triggered or trigger those around you. Over centuries our human race has increasingly become more "hyper-sensitive". This isn't a bad thing, however we are all still learning and growing, adapting to it.

All that needs to be revealed will be coming to the surface. However, this moon may cause you to doubt things you felt sure of due to the information revealed challenging us. Hidden emotions will unravel in this energy.

The Big Picture

Rather than getting caught up in the emotion here, its in your best interest to utilize such fertile energy. There is big picture energy here due to Jupiter's alignment with the sun.

Jupiter aligning with the sun is known to be good fortunate energy as well as the perfect time to launch major projects or ideals. Abudance and expansion comes through our talents and gifts. Not to mention the Sun (Aquarius) and Moon (Leo) are in polarity allowing support when there's a lack of resistance. Although they're very different, those differences are supportive of one another. Although emotions being high can make this fortunate energy hard to see. There will be abundant gems offered on this day; trust that clarity will come.

Expansion & Creativity

This energy will be fiery and creative. Allowing space for us to transmute seemly negative emotions in to positive understanding through healing.

Creativity allows your mind to express itself without conditioned criticism. Although you may have inspiration, your creativity is limitless. This is prime time to fuel that into new business endeavors or pushing a creative project you've been working on. Now is the time to light the fire. Allow this energy to fill you up and get you excited about life and the things you love!


There will always be challenges in life; Leo reminds us that, that shouldn't dictate our happiness. Leo symbolizes leadership, creativity, and self-esteem. What makes you feel confident and how can you incorporate that into your day to day life? Leo helps us find courage, motivation, and the determination necessary to get over obstacles that once seemed to be too much to handle. As this energy will be intense, it may be easy to run back to the comfort of old habits. Don't. Instead, embrace this energy and allow it to empower you. You'll respect yourself more for it. Don't shoot yourself down, before giving yourself a real shot. Self-love and self-care go hand in hand with shadow work. So, be sure to embrace a self care ritual during the full moon to honor self. You are worthy. Allow this energy to reveal that and help change your mind positively. Not in arrogance but in acceptance. Your comfort zone, no longer serves you.

You'll never feel 100% ready, self doubt will always convince you otherwise. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be happy you did.

Now what?

Set your intentions, but also be open to receive the fruits of your labor over this last moon cycle. The intentions you set at the New Moon will be coming full circle or moving into their next phase. Revise what needs revision. Leo is heart centered, so focus on the intentions of the heart. What do you desire from your center, unbiased to anyone else? Write. Get creative. Express yourself. Meditate. Use and charge your crystals!! Spend time alone to recharge. This energy will be supportive as long as you lack resistance to is natural flow. Don't suppress anything at this time, get it out; even if just on paper.

Tarot | The Sun

Leo is represented by the sun in the tarot deck. The sun reminds us to count our blessings and express our gratitude. The cycles will continue and without balance your optimism may fade. The sun is also about having fun. Reminding yourself and those around you that life is short. Stay young at heart and discerned in your wisdom. As you grow, the Universe sees to your support. Soak up some sun and get some downloads from the UV rays, they may provide clarity during uncertain times.

All in all, brighter days are ahead. This is the confirmation. Your belief is an important ingredient to your personal success. Nurture what's working, surrender what is not. Life is only as complicated as we make it!

Until Next Time xx

Kam 💋

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