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Healing to Realign | Summer 2021 Astrological Transits

The month of May ushered in so much energy for us to really reevaluate self. It has encouraged us to go inside to reflect on what works, what doesn't, and how we can progressively move forward! Quite a few planets retrograde, it's eclipse season, karmic returns are taking place and more!

***For the purpose of this blog, we'll be using western astrology.

There are multiple planetary retrogrades as of summer 2021. So there is quite a bit to digest, plus we'll spice it up with an eclipse or two and summer solstice.

Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn. Jupiter and Venus will also enter retrograde later this year.

What is a Retrograde?

First, let's remember what a retrograde is, astrologically speaking. Retrograde comes from the latin word, "Retogradus", meaning backward step. A retrograde is when a planet "appears" to be moving in the opposite direction. Though depending on the astrologer's chosen method of study the affects of retrograde may slightly differ.

Experiencing retrograde is a lot like the acts it takes to use a bow and arrow. In some cases you have to be pulled back to be shot forward. Being pulled back gives you the opportunity to get back to the drawing board to work on things that didn't work. Retrogrades challenge one's idea of normalcy. No matter the planet, when in retrograde be prepared to take it slow. Relax expectations and expect a bit of turbulence. (how that may manifest in your life depends on your karma) Also, remember that sometimes we are too close to see things objectively, retrograde will indeed highlight that. Retrogrades test your discernment. Breathe.

Mercury + RX

Mercury is the ruler of the zodiac sign Gemini, the 3rd house of communication and day to day expression. Mercury represents how we communicate, our intellect, as well as monitoring family affairs. Since Mercury is retrograde in Gemini you can expect a little chaos in conversation and even logic. Those that struggle with projection when Mercury is direct will be forced to face the mirror of truth at this time. Misinterpretation is at it's finest. So, before you write someone off as a "liar" or "fake" take a moment to breathe. It could all very well be a misunderstanding.

Mercury entered its retrograde in May but will end June 22nd. However, we will not be out of it's shadow period until the 7th of July. Be mindful that this Mercury monitors our family affairs. So that can cause relationship issues, romantic or platonic. (potential loss of intimacy during the transit) Car issues and technology issues will test your temper and patience. Timing delays are highly likely, so leave room for a little flexibility in your schedule! How you channel this energy will be vital to how it manifests. Feeling tired or fatigued? You can blame that on the retrograde too! Stay hydrated!!

Neptune + RX

Neptune rules the 12th house. The house of ideals, imagination, spirituality, intuitiveness, and even spirituality. Neptune is the native ruler of Pisces as well. Neptune goes retrograde June 25th in Pisces and doesn't go direct until December 21st. Right at home! This can be a bit of an emotional one. Neptune retrograde brings up things we have hidden consciously or subconsciously the secrets and scandals are coming out. Headliners will shock you. The stories you hear from your peers may seem unfathomable.

It is important to know that everyone has a shadow self. Sometimes the shadow self is the one in conscious control. Sexual abuse and drug abuse will be coming to the forefront to be dealt with within this transit as well. However, all this shadow work amongst the collective will be rewarded with enlightenment. Though the work must be done in order to move on. More than acknowledgement, taking action to improve. This transit will overall improve one's quality of life!

Saturn + RX

Saturn rules Capricorn (& Aquarius) as well as the 10th house. The 10th house is about our social status and our career paths. Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius May 23rd until October 10th. I'd like to first mention, although Saturn is our "Father" planet enforcing structure and accountability, and although Saturn loves productivity it is important to get adequate rest. Saturn can definitely make you feel sluggish and slow without proper self care. Shed light on the things that make you feel good and encourage your most authentic self. Saturn helps us with accountability, requiring us to take responsibility for things left unaccounted for or parts of our shadow self that have been neglected. Saturn retrograde will reveal any secrets or scandals within our authoritative infrastructure. Government, career, global injustice, and so forth.

Tabloids will be hot during this transit as well. This transit encourages us to right our wrongs through action. When you know what doesn't work, the best thing to do is try something new! Saturn is strongly influenced by our karma past lifetime as well as this one. (Time is fluid)

Saturn the planet of rules and order challenges Uranus, the planet of growth and expansion during this transit. It'll be exhausting as it will challenge us to step into the best version of ourselves ready or not. "Where are your boundaries and how are they enforced?", are questions Saturn will ask you. So get ready to inventory your personal life.

New Moon in Gemini | Solar Eclipse

Just when you thought the shift in your life was just reaching its peak...New Moon in Gemini occurs June 10th at 8:52pm EST. This new moon energy is drastically enhanced by this solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the sun obscures the moon according to Oxford Languages. Sudden new beginnings may arise. Don't resist the flow and order of things. It is not meant to be in your control right now. Allow yourself the opportunity to continue to co-create and receive! Bear in mind that we are in the middle of multiple retrogrades as mentioned above. That said, things may not be all they seem. Just because it doesn't look like a blessing yet, doesn't mean it isn't one. Allow this shift in energy to carry you through your current transformation.

Don't be afraid to use your imagination and prioritize your rest. You will likely find yourself moody and fatigued. A short fuse is likely as well. As we previously mentioned, Mercury, our planet of communication (that is currently retrograde), rules Gemini. Ask questions and pay close attention to the answers. The signs you've been getting up until this point will begin to make sense soon.

Downloads are very common during Eclipse season. A download is described as an epiphany, clarity, or insight you receive to help you along your journey. Pay attention to how your thoughts make your body feel. You may need to take a break before moving forward. Especially, when there are key parts of insight you've still yet to see.

The sun and moon are both in Gemini thanks to this Solar Eclipse. Many conversations may be had and many ideas will be shared. However, due to Mercury RX, this may not have much substance. Healthy detachment will prevent anyone taking misunderstandings personally as they're bound to happen. Remain present without being emotionally bias or judgemental of the experience.


It may be seemingly hard to relax. Your sleep schedule may be ruined around this time so have patience with yourself. There are a lot of energies influencing your day to day. How this manifests into your life specifically depends on your natal chart. However, to prepare take frequent breaks. Go outside and get some fresh air often.

Don't allow this energy to overwhelm you or let the day to day get the best of you. The weight of this energy is intentional. Not to intentionally hurt you, but to intentionally get you to see what you've refused to pay attention to all along. Let go of ANYTHING that doesn't serve. When a human is born it takes 18 years before it is seen as a competent "adult". Keep that in mind when you get frustrated with the version of yourself you've never been before and that you're constantly evolving into. You haven't always been this version of yourself!

Be honest with one another and intentional in your communication. Now is not the time to overextend yourself. It will likely cause burnout within connections. Don't test boundaries. Your best bet is to reflect on resistance and use it as a mirror. You've got this! You'll thank you later!

Curious about how this energy will manifest for you? I can help!

Til next time, you know how to reach me in the meantime!

Love Kindly,

Kam O'Neal 💋

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