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Full Moon in Sagittarius | Lunar Eclipse

You become really acquainted with the idea that everything really seems to be a double edged sword when the good and the bad begin to balance one another out. It begins to create a neutral energy, associated with peace. It doesn't matter how long it takes break the habit, allow this constructive energy to offer you the opportunity to appreciate that there's water in the glass. -Not whether or not its half full or half empty.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs Wednesday, May 26th 2021. Lunar eclipses are known for stirring up change! We'll want to focus more on how to surrender to the process of change rather than resist it. Transformation with a hint of optimism is inevitable.

"We'll want to focus more on how to surrender to the process of change rather than resist it."

What does a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Mean?

The moon is your intuitive and emotional guide influencing your sense of security. The full moon represents the final phase of the lunar cycle, ushering in a harvesting phase. This particular full moon in Sagittarius is called the 'Full Flower Moon'. Eclipses reveal what's concealed and promote our most authentic version of self.

"Stars Say What?" | What You Should Expect

Prepare yourself for the theatrics and drama into the shadow period of this transit! Tabloids, Social Media, even in your messages! Now is the time to express patience and become keen to communication. If you find yourself to be a particularly moody person, this energy may intensify that. Honesty is the best policy, as now lies will quickly be revealed. The spirit of Sagittarius is progressive and free spirited with no problems being a loner. Nonetheless, Sagittarius believes in the underdog. Injustices or perspective's that were concealed won't live in the shadows anymore! Lunar eclipse is known to stir the post in ways that often lead to: career changes, relationships endings, relocating, or family/financial drama. How this will manifest in your life depends on your natal chart.

Legal issues could go well for the underdog under this energy's influence. Saturn went retrograde on the 23rd heightening this sense of optimism when constructive. Saturn will also influence how much resistance/challenges will manifest in your life physically based on how Saturn resides in your natal chart.

This transit may be a bit disruptive however, its often dialogue that needed to be had. The tough truths and stressful tension. Keep in mind though, we have also entered Mercury Rx Pre-shadow period, May 14th. This may cause misunderstandings just as miscommunications. Heightened emotion is a very likely possibility. People of the past will be popping up. This can manifest as a social media notification, a text message, a song that makes you think of someone, random memories, etc. You may find it hard to sleep or even that you're more emotional than usual. Try not to get overwhelmed, this is to get you to feel those deeply rooted feelings.

Knowledgeably Empowered | How to Utilize this Energy

Be honest, ditch the denial. Not just with others, but starting with yourself. Take accountability for the role you have played in your life up until this point. This is truly an opportune time to step out for your comfort zone and create new habits that enhance your life experience. Use this time to get out into Mother Nature, allowing her nurturing energy to pour into your raw instincts. Accept the truth even when it hurts so you can finally see how it's been here to help all along. The love in the lessons.

Join the conversation, though you should remain open to perspective. Consider the true value in a reality check! This fire energy mixed with the intensity of the emotions can sometimes cause erratic behavior. Protect yourself through rituals, grounding, and gemstones. The energy was meant for us to soak up the knowledge, share information, and revise our system of beliefs.

This energy will be supportive of release rituals. You'll most likely find that working on you solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra will offer support and emotional stability. Our energy and how it reacts to the challenges around us often has an influence not all of us are present and aware of.

This is also an awesome time to super charge those gemstones with this passionate and creative energy of Sagittarius.


Be real about your needs, with yourself and those around you. Engage in things that make you feel centered. Don't be afraid to let go of people, places, or things no longer supportive to the narrative you live. Own your true feelings and stand in your value and courage. Accept that the reform is going to hit what we cling to the most. If you can't bet on anyone, you must be able to bet on yourself! Focus on optimism and know that it is okay to let go of beliefs that you have built your entire life on. What you focus on you give power to. This is more than starting over, this is starting anew. - for you! Cheers to transformation!


Kam 💋

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