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Creating Your Dream Life | New Moon in Aquarius; Lunar New Year | Energy Forecast

Happy Lunar New Year!

It is no coincidence that the Lunar New Year and the Aquarius New Moon have aligned this year. This month will be jam-packed with the boost of energy we've needed to create the life we desire. During this New Moon transit, we will be experiencing heavy influences from Mercury and Saturn. We have great change to look forward to not just this month but this year.


New Moon & Lunar New Year - February 1st

Mercury goes direct - February 3rd

Mercury enters Aquarius - February 14th

Full Moon in Leo - February 16th

Sun enters Pisces - February 18th

The Details

As the New Moon enters Aquarius on the 1st, it will usher in new refreshing energy that we've been waiting some time for. This energetic influence will have us intellectually close yet emotionally distant. Aquarius enjoys being mysterious, like most air signs. We might find that our feelings and our thoughts contradict one another. Aquarius is not an emotional sign, though sensitive. However, this can cause us to get a little defensive when we find that people want to get too close under the moon's influence.

We have to remember how humanitarian and friendly Aquarius happens to be. Though distant, they're always thinking big picture for human kind. We will want to be helpful and practical under this new moon. We should expect the unexpected with the unpredictable with Aquarius, from ourselves as well as our interactions with others. Actions may not have any justification... Its the energy, it isn't personal. Fixed signs may struggle with this energy particularly. So have patience with yourself.

Though it may appear detached, glamour and romance will be highlighted during this transit. Originality and a touch of genius will overshadow this so you can expect one of a kind experiences. Keep an open mind though, as things may not be what they seem however they may turn out better than you expected.

Aquarius is a very intellectual air sign. Therefore, being in this energy will bring about new ideas and foresight offering us the knowledge and motivation to go after what it is that we desire. As Saturn transits closely to this new moon the influence will be quite apparent and high. Mercury is also still retrograde until the third and then we will be in the shadow phase for at least a week. Though the Aquarius New Moon may make us a bit stubborn with a good amount of nervous tensions, Saturn will directly affect the order and structure of things as it is our authoritative planet. As Mercury pulls them out, Saturn will make sure that we are working on a positive plan of execution. Saturn loves to reward us after hard work though, so it is not all discipline. There is much to look forward to.

Taking the appropriate time to self with a healthy balance of socializing will make this New Moon transit enlightening. Also, remember to take time to clear your mind and get rid of any energy or thoughts that are no longer serving your growth.

Lunar New Year

The lunar new year is often known as a time of rebirth and reunion. The New Year thats actually in alignment with the energy and not just the end of a year. This year is the year of the tiger. Bravery, courage, and strength are themes for this year.

This year we can own our truth and get to taking action on the things we may have been fearful of in the past. Luckily, with the new moon energy supportive of this, this will encourage us to create a plan and stick to it. The tone is being set strong for the year to come here.

What Should I Do?

Think before you speak during this energy. Be mindful not to suppress your emotions, rather experience them. There is no need for attachment and that's what Aquarius teaches us. Healthy detachment allows us to experience life freely without being bound by the outcome or our own expectations. There is much fruitful energy to enjoy as this will usher in blessings for those doing the work come this full moon in Leo on the 16th. Don't spend too much time overthinking the details of figuring it all out right now. This New Moon will bring clarity and enlightenment.

Set your intentions strong this year as you are worthy of all of your desires!


Kam 💋🌻

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