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Restoring Hope | Aquarius New Moon

Finally, the break we have all been waiting for... we're still in retrograde though. It's time to distance ourselves from the weight of life and embrace freethinking and spontaneity. Have a laugh or three and remember what it's like to live life freely.


The New Moon is Thursday, February 11th 2021. However, the moon isn't the only Aquarius placement, making this line up all the more interesting, enlightening nonetheless. Aquarius is intellectual, an introverted extrovert, big picture conceptualist, humanitarian, quite detached from intense emotions, independent, progressive, unique, as well as community oriented.

All of this in mind, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars are all in Aquarius along with the Sun and Moon. Mercury's Retrograde reminds us to use where we came from to get where we are going. Refreshingly, this line-up will be progressive, inspiring, and revolutionizing. It gives us an opportunity to look at our journey in retrospect with a leaning unbiased perspective.

The Moon's square with Mars suggests that we're mindful of running after impulse, especially emotional. Venus and Jupiter's alignment encourages cooperation amongst romance, social interactions, and business dealings. There is an essence of hopefulness surrounding this New Moon, offering us the opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude for our support system. All major planets being on one side of the chart within two planets forming a trine encourage us to focus on progressive action, all around really. Consider the lack of flexibility in shifting perspective, though. It may be hard to see both sides of things, we don't want to push too hard.

What to Expect?

Now is a time to focus on forward thinking, open mindedness. Finding out of the box solutions to modern day problems will offer expansion within personal growth. You won't have to think too hard here, allow it to come to you. This is the fertilizer for the beautiful Spring bloom.

Aquarius is an air sign of change. Aquarius is always looking to add value even if just in perspective. Expect new, abundant ideas. Tune into your higher self right now and receive the information given to you within this energy. It may just surprise you, as lucky surprises are welcomed during this transit. Paying attention to our active role in creating our reality, taking accountability with compassion. It creates expansion allowing space to welcome grace. Whether masculine or feminine understanding and practicing the importance of duality will take you places worth experiencing. Aquarius can often come with a side effect of thinking too so you'll wanna be mindful not to spend too much time in the clouds. Aquarius is the water bearer. Although often seemingly detached, Aquarius is sensitive and profoundly empathetic. Emotions are not a focal point until they're forced to be within Aquarius. You'll be pushed to explore new depths within this energy; see where it takes you.

A New Perspective

Use this time to tap back into your optimism. The uplifting thoughts that keep you motivated. Paying attention to the patterns during your period of ups as well as downs will give you insight on how to achieve a more energetically balanced life. Amethyst, Garnet, Jade, and Labradorite are a select few of the gemstones that will be beneficial during rituals or meditation under this New Moon.

If you're a plant person, talk with your plants or bring them into your environment during meditation. Giving you a real opportunity to align mind and body to welcome in a new life cycle and contribute to the collective.

Socialize, even if just on the internet! Aquarius is a social sign making this prime time for group thinking or adding to a group project. Remind your peers why you appreciate them and express a little extra kindness. Share your love. You don't have to spend your life coloring inside of lines that aren't your own.

Embrace Your Wisdom

Aquarius encourages us to be ourselves, in the quirkiest ways that exist. Aquarius loves to question the status quo so pay attention to those outlandish thoughts that may find their way into your brain space. They serve good purpose.

Let yourself day dream a bit when you catch yourself in one. Write them down if you feel compelled. Write down the goals that encourage you to get excited about life! You are ever evolving and your perspective enhances the collective truth. Don't be your biggest hater and shut your ideas/thoughts down before giving them a safe space to be. Writing things down or simply journaling can also help you follow your growth through reflection. Even learn new things about yourself! Share your thoughts and ideas. However, don't get too emotionally attached. Don't allow yourself to overly identify with things that may come up right now, especially since Mercury's RX is in the same zodiac.

The Star

As much as Aquarius loves to be social, they also need sufficient alone time to recharge and break away from the societal standard as an outcast. Although social interactions have the potential to thrive right now, be mindful not to overdo it.

Find new ways to embrace your alone time. Work towards finding a healthy balance of both social and alone time! Aquarius is represented by The Star in the Tarot Deck and it reminds us to have hope for the future. It encourages us to get inspired and embrace our creativity. This is also a Spiritual card signifying a renewal or next level of your journey. This is a beautiful time to consider the direction of your goals and how they support you. Execution is important as well as satisfaction. This signifies the calm after the storm. Recognizing that you are light at the end of the tunnel, not just it exists. The Universe has a plan and even when you cannot see it, there's a way being made for you. Express yourself artistically. Focus on art as an expression, not a piece to impress. Create as a creator, no pressure.

This Aqua New Moon will offer us more free thinking than some previous moon cycles. Let this be a reminder for us all to be thoughtful and embrace our individuality.

We can come together and appreciate our differences. Apples don't hate on strawberries because their seeds are on the outside instead! You're unique. Breathe in deep and let that weight go! Your future is bright!

"You don't have to spend your life coloring inside of lines that aren't your own."

Until Next Time,

Kam 💋 xx

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