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Aquarius Full Moon | Rekindling Hope Through Transformation

Okay, so maybe things have been a little rough energetically, taking in the positive and negative. An energetic roller coaster if you will. Retrograde after retrograde. I guess, if healing were pleasant, everyone would be doing it.

"Consider the endless possibilities"

However, the Aquarius Full Moon wants us to move forward with hope. The sun in Leo forms an opposition of the moon in Aquarius. Intentions and goals set at the new moon will begin to come too light. This full moon will bring clarity to anything you may have had in question.

Aquarius | The Star

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. Purposefully eccentric, even two Aquarians will differ.

They're the humanitarian of the zodiac reminding us of the role we all have to play in the bigger picture. , though Aquarians are fond of humans, they're not crazy about individuals. Though social, they're very independent, valuing personal freedom.

Illuminating Shadow

The full moon will illuminate things that may have been under the surface. If you're looking clarity, you'll find it here. Just know, though you get the answers it's important that you're honest with yourself so you can get the message too! The moon rules our emotions linked to our subconscious mind. So, anything you once may have swept under the rug, will definitely find its way out. This is just part one, as we'll have another full moon in Aquarius in August as well.

Aquarius Full Moon

Though Aquarius is often mistaken as a water sign, it's an air sign represented by the water bearer. The water bearer collects emotions and alchemizes them into the power of intellect back to earth shifting collective consciousness. This moon will have a natural healing undertone, making our spiritual practices very important to us. Supporting this healing energy is the astroid of spirit medicine, Chariklo. I'm sure my stargazers are wondering, it is said that Chiron is the husband of Chariklo in mythology. It's no coincidence that their energies are closely supportive. Chariklo encourages us to focus on the more spiritual side of our healing.

Much like Native American beliefs, Chariklo encouraged healing the spirit of "mind, body, spirit."

It has to be brought up to be brought out. That said, like any full moon, emotional intensities will be high and possibly impulsive.

The challenge is that Leo wants to be in charge and Aquarius wants collective balance. It will cause a little tension. Personally, as a person with an Aquarius sun and Leo moon, it has taught me the value and importance of them both. (it took years to come to this conclusion lol I used to think I was a walking contradiction)

Leo as a fire sign can have a short fuse. Whereas Aquarius, an air sign is nonchalant until they aren't, which can make communication challenging. However, Aquarius and Leo are sister signs, meaning at their best, even their differences are supportive.

The collective will be encouraged to awaken to their active roles and accountability. Or, answer to humanitarian urges. The direct manifestation of this really depends on one's natal chart. Think bigger. Not to be confused with want more. Think bigger about the endless possibilities. Revamp your rituals and practices. Discover how you can make them even more authentic to the you, you've grown into. As time goes on, the natural order is change. So be sure to check in with your practices and make sure they work for you!

Ask yourself, how can I make this even more authentic to my truest self? Be honest with yourself. If you've been slacking, shift your awareness to improve. (all within compassion, of course. Be nice!) The goal is growth not perfection. Just don't short yourself by running from accountability when it gets tough.

" You can't live a positive life with a negative mind."

Humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius will have us expressing beyond surface level ideas. Spontaneity will do us some good, without impulse of course. Though this air sign spends most of their time in their head, when it comes to good company Aquarius wanted to be submerged in the experience.

Signs Most Affected:

Cardinal Signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn

Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Crystals for Aquarius Full Moon:

Book your moon reading to find out what this Full Moon has in store for you and how to empower yourself!


Kam xoxo

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